Aadavan Kattalai Hindi dubbed movie

Aadavan Kattalai Hindi dubbed Movie|Pappu Passport

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Aandavan Kattalai is Tamil Satirical-Comdey Flim. The Film was released On 23 September 2016. M. Manikandan had directed and written the film. G. N. Anbu Chezhiyan had Produced the film. The Movie has cast like Vijay Sethupathi and Ritika Singh in the lead roles. There Are more Supporting casts like Pooja DevariyaNassar and Yogi Babu. Aadavan Kattalai is set to be dubbed in Hindi by Goldmines Telefilms. Moreover, the film has been remade in Telugu as London Babulu.

The Songs and Background music are composed by Krishna Kumar. Aandavan Kattalai was Hit in the Box-office. With Mixed Reviews from critics and audience. Each and every character has its own importance in the plot and everyone actually contributes to its development. The screenplay is penned in such a way in which the character develops as the plot develops. The IMDb Rating of Aadavan Kattalai is 8.2/10. Aadavan Kattalai Hindi dubbed Movie.

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The Hindi dubbing rights of Aandavan Kattalai was sold to Goldmines Telefilms. The movie is Dubbed named As Pappu Passport. The dubbing has been completed many days before. Recently goldmines have released Hindi dubbed trailer on youtube. Now there is another Update the movie will be premiered on 10 Feb 2020. Firstly the movie will be in premiere on Television on Set Maxx. On the same day, the film will on Youtube at 11 pm from where you will be able to watch and download in Respected Website.

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Movie Plot

Facing many debts, Gandhi Arumugam, a village accountant. Leaves his village near Madurai with his best friend Muthupandi Selvam alias Pandi. Goes to Chennai to get all the documents. That is needed to go to London. Where he plans to make money to pay their debts. They contact two middlemen to help them obtain a passport and a British tourist visa to visit London.

Middlemen claim that the British Deputy High Commission would like to give tourist visas. Only married Couples can go. Now to go to London. They are forced to add their wife’s name in the passport. As well as Gandhi his wife Adds the name of Karmenjukhujali. Following a suggestion from his real estate broker Murugesan. However, Gandhi’s visa application has been rejected. He is forced to live in Chennai. And work as an accountant at the master-run Drama Trophy Stray Factory. While Pandi passes his visa interview and He goes to London with the help of a passport officer.

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With his hard work and honesty. Gandhi soon became the master’s favorite employee. Eventually, Stray Factory is invited to perform in London. Leaving Gandhi in a bind as he must now remove his wife’s name from his passport. He realizes that the only way to do this is to divorce his wife. But for this, he needs to find a woman, named Karmeghakuzhali. Vijay successfully manages to track down a woman named Karmegazukhali. Who is a television journalist and tries to convince him to act as his wife and divorce her. He also acts as if he is speechless. Initially, she refuses, but she soon gives Gandhi the documents necessary for divorce. Which gives him pity.

Although both husband and wife are required to appear in court at the time of divorce. Gandhi celebrates Aarti as an actress who works at the Stray Factory. Acting as a Karmagejukhali in court. But at the time of the divorce hearing, Aarti disappears into the toilet. Forcing a reluctant Karmegazukhali present in the court to attend the divorce hearing. The events following the divorce hearing proved humiliating for Karmeghakuzhali. As well as he came to know that Gandhi was acting silently. So she leaves the court in tears given without any “divorce”.

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Later, Gandhi learns that Pandi was deported. When he came to London by immigration officials for misinformation and address verification while receiving his passport. And he too finds himself in the dock to do so. However, he shows immigration officers his and Pandi’s original voter ID cards. Releasing them. While intermediaries are arrested. Pandi revealed that he had been sent to Sri Lanka. He Tried to seek refuge as a refugee in Sri Lanka after being tortured by prison authorities. And humiliated by recent events, he returned to his village.

Gandhi goes to the Regional Passport Office in Chennai and confesses his crime to the Regional Passport Officer. The passport officer asked Karmegazukhali to pay him a fine of ₹ 1,300. To get his name removed from his passport. But in a last-minute decision. Gandhi chooses not to remove Karmaghakuzhali’s name from his passport and instead proposes marriage to Karmagyakuzuhali. Who is initially withheld, but he agrees. He soon obtains his British visa and leaves for London along with the rest of the Strey factory congregation.

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