Bala Full Hindi Movie Leaked by Tamilrockers

On 7 November 2019 Hindi Movie Bala was released. Film directed by Amar Kaushik was a Hindi comedy film. Produce by Dinesh Vijan. Bala movie is leaked by tamilrockers. Bala movie is an comedy movie starring Ayushmann Khurrana, Yami Gautam, Bhumi Pednekar, Javed Jaffrey. Recently we got the news that Bala movie was leaked at […]

Bala Hindi movie Leaked on websitee

On 7 November 2019 Hindi Movie Bala was released. Film directed by Amar Kaushik was a Hindi comedy film. Produce by Dinesh Vijan. Bala movie is leaked by tamilrockers.

Bala movie is an comedy movie starring Ayushmann Khurrana, Yami Gautam, Bhumi Pednekar, Javed Jaffrey. Recently we got the news that Bala movie was leaked at Tamilrockers website.

The movie is doing well in box-office. Movie was Released on Yesterday. Within 2 hours the movie was leaked by tamilrockers. Movie print in the site is quite good. The government has stopped this website. But Still, No use As many are using VPN, in order to access the site. They destroy the privacy of the makers.

Vinaya Vidheya Rama ( VVR ) Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed.


  • Ayushmann Khurrana as Balmukund “Bala” Shukla
  • Bhumi Pednekar as Latika Trivedi
  • Yami Gautam as Pari Mishra
  • Javed Jaffrey as Bachchan Dubey
  • Saurabh Shukla as Hari Shukla— Bala’s father
  • Seema Pahwa as Mausi
  • Varun Shashi Rao as Mahesh
  • Deepika Chikhalia as Susheela Mishra— Pari’s mother
  • Sunita Rajwar as Manju Shukla— Bala’s mother
  • Umesh Shukla as Bhuvan— Bala’s maternal grandfather
  • Abhishek Banerjee as Ajju
  • Charu Agrawal as Shruti[7]
  • Dheerendra Kumar Gautam as Vihan Shukla— Bala’s younger brother
  • Sonam Bajwa as herself in the song “Naah Goriye”
  • Harrdy Sandhu as himself in the song “Naah Goriye”
  • Aparshakti Khurana as Jayesh— Shruti’s boyfriend
  • Sachin Choudhary as Young Bala
  • Sumit Arora as Vivek Saxena— Bala’s boss
  • Ziya Ahmed as Mohan Mishra— Pari’s father
  • Ranjan Raj as Sumit
  • Saniya Touqeer as Young Latika
  • Rajat Singh as Young Ajju
  • Sunehri Shah as Young Shruti
  • Sushil Dubey as school teacher Gaurav Mehra
  • Mushtaq Khan as Raina
  • Mukteshwar as Ajju’s father
  • Anand Mishra as Mukesh— Bala’s friend
  • Prabhat Kumar as Ruppan
  • Aatmaja Pandey as Vikas— Latika’s client
  • Sawan Nigam as Nand Kishore

Movie Plot

The film opens in Kanpur, where a 10-year-old student molests an adult teacher. Balamukund “Bala” Shukla, a popular child, teases. Bala borrowed notes from student and dark-complex Latika and fired Fair-skinned Shruti from her to impress them. When Latika calls her out, Bala berates her for darker skin. The narrative describes how society values ​​beauty and fair skin over other achievements, especially in marriage.

Years later, Bala is a bald man in his late twenties who struggles with his premature baldness. He is a salesman of Fairness Cream by day and a nightclub comic by night. One day, Bala angrily casts out his bald father: his father’s belting gene kills the son’s chances. His father presents him with a wig and explains that baldness is external and has nothing to do with anyone’s achievements. Bala tore off the wig and begins his work with renewed vigor. She meets a beautiful, fair-skinned model, Pari, and courts him. They decide to get married. A few days before the wedding, Bala is stricken with Vivek and sends him a text revealing his baldness. Unknowingly with her, the text accidentally turns to someone else and the angel does not see her. Bala admits that he has accepted his baldness and they marry.

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Latika has her share of troubles. Many boys and families come to see him, but reject him because of his dark skin. Among these potential suicides are Rohan, an NRI based in Australia, who is attracted to Latika, but the meeting ends when her mother mentions Latika’s complexion and Latika faces a storm. Rohan asks to meet her and they reconcile until he mentions that he was initially attracted to her because of her Instagram profile. Latika revealed that she is not on Instagram, and it is revealed that Bala had created a fake profile with airbrushed photos at her aunt’s behest.

Fuming, Latika arrives at Bala’s house the next day of her marriage and yells at him. She says that she has no shame on her skin and warns him not to interfere in her life anymore. The angel hears this, discovers Bala’s baldness, and follows it. Bala is drowned. She later receives a court notice: Pari wants the marriage to be annulled. Bala goes to meet him to talk to him. The angel realizes that she looked good, but not much. She knew that she was a below-average student and thus could not enter any profession other than modeling. He has his eyes on her: they are the sources of attention he has received from his whole life and source of his livelihood.

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Latika apologizes to Bala, as his displeasure breaks her marriage. Bala joins him as his lawyer and the case starts in court. Latika tests Pari, who confesses that she married Bala because of her intelligence and charm. She also admits that Bala did not mislead her nor betray her, but reveals that Bala was not telling about her baldness. If he is not comfortable with himself, he cannot live with anyone else. Pari’s lawyer says that Pari has the right to marry regardless of this. Bala interrupts the proceedings and agrees that the angel has that authority and the judge makes such an order. When Latika questions her later, Bala explains that the law cannot force anyone to love another, and that a half-baked marriage will be of no use.

Later, during one of his fair-cream sales events, Bala realizes that beauty is only skin deep. He employs his wig to publicly show that self-love is important regardless of appearance. Then He also learns that he has fallen in love with Latika and runs to propose to her but sees Rohan and his family come to finalize the marriage. He proposes anyway but Latika slams him down slowly; She really likes Rohan. Bala is disappointed but is able to resume his friendship with Latika.

The film ends with Bala, now at peace, with his baldness, performing a new comedy routine about the deep beauty of skin and the meaning of life.

Movie Review

“Hum Aapke Hain Kaun” has songs, heartache is there, so is it. ” ‘Note, this is a matter of your hair and this is how Bala starts. A bizarre voice-over (Vijay Raj) sets the stage for a fun ride at the expense of the film’s protagonist. He is 25 years old, but has grown older due to his diabetes and bald feet, which have changed into what was once a dreamy crop of silky hair.

Her childhood sweethearts had also deserted her and she got a job as a salesman for women’s fairness cream. But, Bala is not a mess. Instead, he takes the challenge head on (no punishment). Bala works as a stand-up comedian, where she mimics Bollywood stars and is actively seeking various remedies for her hair loss. These range from funny to bizarre. Situational comedy brings ample opportunities for the first half with funny one-liners that will leave you in the division. Ayushmann is the master of every scene that makes Bala’s plight believable as well as hilarious. He gets a Kanpur lehenga with precise body language and other nuances. You can sympathize with him, but he never comes across as a pathetic character when his chips are down. Thanks to everyone for the smart writing of the story, screenplay and dialogues by Naren Bhatt.

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Among the actresses, Bhumi Pednekar is as influential as the strong-headed lawyer Latika, who has always faced prejudice due to her dark skin. However, her makeup is not very solid. Yami Gautam (as Pari Mishra) looks beautiful and is quite impressive as a superstar from Kanpur, who is complete in her own right. His character reflects the current trend of small towns affected and their increasing popularity on social media. Among the character actors, Saurabh Shukla, Abhishek Banerjee, Seema Pahwa and Javed Jaffrey have contributed well and are often laughable characters. The film’s music mostly plays in the background and blends well with the narrative. The context of various 90s tracks is permanent.

Director Amar Kaushik tried to give a message about how our society is different. The second half of the film goes to publicity, giving a message about social prejudices. It takes away from the fun quotient of the film, but the story keeps the audience hooked, mostly due to Ayushmann’s brilliant acting.

But overall, ‘Bala’ remains with the lighthearted comedy that relates to the circumstances. Like the film’s message, ‘Bala’ is beautiful even with its flaws, and never fails to entertain.

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