Bheeshma Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

About Flim Bheeshma is a Telugu Romantic Action-comedy film. Which was Released on 21 February 2020. Venky Kudumula has directed as well as written the film. Mahati Swara Sagar has composed the music. Suryadevara Naga Vamsi has produced the movie under banner Sithara Entertainments. Nithiin and Rashmika Mandanna are in the lead roles in the film. Bheeshma […]

Bheeshma Hindi dubbed full Movie

About Flim

Bheeshma is a Telugu Romantic Action-comedy film. Which was Released on 21 February 2020. Venky Kudumula has directed as well as written the film. Mahati Swara Sagar has composed the music. Suryadevara Naga Vamsi has produced the movie under banner Sithara Entertainments. Nithiin and Rashmika Mandanna are in the lead roles in the film. Bheeshma is Set to be dubbed in Hindi.

Movie Rating

Bheeshma movie is declared as Average at the box-office. With mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The film revolves around Bheeshma, a man making his living as a meme creator, who wants to remain single forever. But will he be able to? This is all About the film. The IMDb rating of Bheeshma is 6.6/10.

Movie Dubbed Updates

Bheeshma is a Telugu Action-comedy film, Released on 21 February 2020. Starring Nithiin and Rashmika Mandanna. Recently Mumbai’s Leading dubbing company Goldmines Telefilms Pvt Ltd has bought the dubbing rights of the film Bheeshma. As we all know that goldmines have many movies on the pending list. Due to this Pandemic situation, the Dubbing has been stopped. But as per our resource, the dubbing of the movie will start by a month or two. We hope this situation comes to end. after the pandemic, the dubbing section will start again. We are sure that we will not get to watch the film in 2020. Let’s see what happens in the feature. As soon we get updates on Bheeshma, We will Update you. Keep following our site for more updates on Bheeshma.

About Movie Update

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Movie Cast

Movie Plot

Bhishma (Anant Nag) is the CEO of Bhishma Organics and he wants farmers to shift from using chemicals in farming to organic practices and get them to move successfully. He then announces to the media that he will announce the next CEO on the company’s 50th anniversary.

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Then it goes to Bhishma Prasad, a lonely man who always tries to find love. He attends the pre-wedding party of his friend Parimal ‘s boss, where he sees Sara. He introduces himself as Bhishma I.A.S (I am single) and he gets her to live with him. She then realizes that she does not have the money and takes her to the police, which Parimal expels. His uncle, JP, had to call his classmate ACP Dev and bail him out. Deva asks JP to teach him a lesson to Bhishma as he believes that Bhishma is a “loser” as he lives his life as a life-giver.

JP then tells Bhishma’s father, Anand Prasad that Bhishma is serving a sentence with the deity and the flashback is that Anand and Devta were classmates and Bhishma touched his daughter when they were creating a rift between the two. Were. Bhishma starts cleaning and serves tea to the authorities.

One day, Bhishma is driving, and when he leaves Dev, on the way he sees that Chaitra needs help as his vehicle crashes. He introduces her as ACP Bhishma as he is in a police car and he introduces himself as an employee of Bhishma Organics. He decides to go with her and he learns about organic farming. Then the CEO of Field Science, Raghavan, introduces a product called Instant, which gives 6 months yield in 4 months using chemicals and impresses some of Bhishma’s farmers by establishing live interaction with Bhishma tries to.

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After some hilarious twists and turns, Bhishma discovers that she is Dev’s daughter. Deva soon develops a good opinion about Bhishma but Chaitra does not like him. Bhishma acts as a driver for the deity and takes Chaitra to the places he wants to go. There is a conversation between Chaitra and Bhishma and he finds his friend Parimal there and he works for field science. Bhishma talks about how well he does organic farming and wins over Chaitra. Suddenly, Devta’s constable sends a picture of them hugging and Dev is offended.

He goes to Bhishma’s house and is shocked to see Anand as his father. He takes out his gun and decides to shoot Bhishma thinking that he is a loser when Anand realizes that Bhishma Sr. is Bhishma’s grandson and he is the next CEO of Bhishma Organics. Deva and Bhishma are shocked and the media learns about this.

When Bhishma prepares to leave to take care of his grandfather, it is revealed that Anand lied to Deva to try to keep his son alive. Bhishma is shocked and meanwhile, Chaitra tells him that his father wants him to marry her as she is Shree Bhishma’s granddaughter and says that she is a liar and he molested her and how did she know that he was not Bhishma is. Grandson. Bhishma decided to tell Dev the truth, but to his surprise Bhishma announced him as the company’s operational CEO for 30 days. Bhishma is shocked by this decision and Chaitra disappoints him even more. He also finds that Parimal has lost his job in field science due to Raghavan’s learning, Parimal is Bhishma’s friend and he joins Bhishma’s driver.

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Bheeshma was then shown around the office and quickly conquered the staff. He also saves a village from signing on with the Field Science Angering Raghavan which also revives Prem Chaitra. Raghavan decides to ensure that Bhishma is not the next CEO by offering a poisonous hybrid plant to Mr. Bhishma, who then hospitality him and becomes India’s # 1 agricultural company and loses prestige with the company even further. Chemically made plants are planted in Bhishma’s godown. A police raid. Raghavan invites Agriculture Minister, Ajay Verma (Ajay) to launch the world immediately, but to his surprise, Ajay says that the product is made a harmful chemical and revokes the license for field science which Restricts Raghavan to bed.

He soon learns that Mr. Bhishma is alive and was hospitalized only because of high fever. He also knows that Bhishma finds Sara and Ajay in a hotel room and says that he has a pen camera and a button camera which forces Ajay to give a speech about how the chemicals are spoiled and the police plants Find out how to plant. Bhishma is then appointed as the full-time CEO of Bhishma Organics and Chaitra and Bhishma get married and they say that he is “single forever” instead of “single forever”.

 Language:Telugu Movie Dubbed in Hindi
 Cast:Nithiin and Rashmika Mandanna
 Hindi Dubbed version:Hindi dubbed version releasing soon
 Director:Venky Kudumula
 Music:Mahati Swara Saga
 Genre:romantic action-comedy film

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