Brochevarevarura hindi dubbed movie

Brochevarevarura Hindi dubbed movie

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Brochevarevarura is a Telugu Crime comedy-thriller film. Vivek Athreya has Written and directed the film. Vijay Kumar Manyam has produced the film under the banner of Manyam Productions. Sree VishnuNivetha ThomasNivetha PethurajSatyadev Kancharana in the lead roles in the film. While Priyadarshi PullikondaRahul Ramakrishna play supporting roles. The movie was termed as one of the Best Telugu films in 2019. Brochevarevarura movie is set to be dubbed in Hindi by Aditya Movies.

The soundtrack is composed by Vivek Sagar has composed the music of the film. Ramajogayya Sastry, Hasith Goli, and Bharadwaj have Given the lyrics. The soundtrack is released by Aditya Music. The cinematography was by Sai Sriram.

Movie Rating

Brochevarevarura Movie was declared as hit at the box-office. With mixed reviews from critics and audiences. There are times in the movie where the situations happen coincidentally. The IMDb rating of Ninnu Kori is 8.1/10.

Brochevarevarura Hindi Dubbed Update

The Hindi dubbing rights of Brochevarevarura was sold to Aditya Movies. Brochevarevarura movie was released on 28 June 2019 in the Telugu Language. Soon after Telugu Release, Hindi dubbing rights of Brochevarevarura is bought by Aditya Movies. Hindi dubbing of Brochevarevarura yet to start. So we are clear enough that The movie world television premiere will be soon the dubbing completes.

As we know that Aditya Movies release the film soon after the dubbing completes. Which makes chances that we will get to see the film in Hindi very soon. The dates are not specified yet. But Brochevarevarura will be premiered in Hindi soon. Then the movie will be uploaded on YouTube on the Aaditya movies YouTube channel.

About Movie Update

Dear Friends, Since I am not allowed to give links to the movie. I am very much to disappoint you. But I can help you out with the problem. Join our telegram channel I will provide everything there. The Movie is ready in our telegram group in both Telugu and Hindi language. If you want the movie then you can join the group our Poke me in WhatsApp. I will try to help you out.

Brochevarevarura Movie cast

Movie Plot

Rahul, Rakesh, and Rambo are intermediate students at the same college where Mitra studies. Mitra, the daughter of the college principal, is not interested in academics. But she has a passion for Bharatanatyam. Her overbearing father is the biggest disappointment of her life. As a child of a single parent, he has found it difficult.

In Hyderabad, Vishal is an aspiring filmmaker. Who is trying to work with actress Shalini for her first venture. When Mitra calls three friends at her college to stage a kidnapping drama. An unexpected turn of events ensues. This changes the life of the four students as well as the pair of Vishal-Shalini.

Why does Mitra want to stop her own kidnapping? How is the life of the three friends and Mitra connected with the life of Vishal-Shalini duo? This is a film all about.

Movie Review

The new generation always brings an aura to the table. The table can be anything. In this case, it is a film. Viewers are fed up with disputed plots and stereotyped protagonists. We need new air and this film has brought us a new breeze.

You will never feel bored for the director for such a brilliant screenplay. The story is simple but the execution is superb. The ‘R3’ batch is awesome. He is the charisma of this film. thank God! Comedy is not overcooked. Nivea Thomas has, as always, lived up to the character’s expectations. Overall it is a good watch.

Overall the movie is perfect. You all will enjoy the film.

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