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Comali Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Comali Tamil Movie In Hindi Release Date:- On 15 August 2019 Tamil Movie Movie Jayam Ravi’s Comali was released. A film directed by Pradeep Ranganathan in his directorial debut, Movie is an Indian Tamil-language comedy film. Produced by Vels Film International .   The film marks the first collaboration between Ravi and […]

Comali Dubbed In Hindi

Comali Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Comali Tamil Movie In Hindi Release Date:-

On 15 August 2019 Tamil Movie Movie Jayam Ravi’s Comali was released. A film directed by Pradeep Ranganathan in his directorial debut, Movie is an Indian Tamil-language comedy film. Produced by Vels Film International .   The film marks the first collaboration between Ravi and Aggarwal, and it marks the second collaboration between Ravi and Hiphop Tamizha, after the 2015 film Thani Oruvan. Comali is dubbed in hindi.

Jayam Ravi’s Comali is an Indian Tamil-language comedy film. Dubbed In hindi. The film stars Jayam Ravi,Kajal Aggarwal,Samyuktha Hegde,K. S. Ravikumar,Yogi Babu. The film is directed By Pradeep Ranganathan , Produced By Vels Film International .

Movie’s Dubbing Right is Bought By Goldmines telefilms in September2019, Recently the dubbing was complete, As per our Sources The Movie will Be Primered In Set-max On January 2020, The movie Will Also Uploaded On the same day in Goldminess Telefilm Youtube Channel. Comali is dubbed in hindi by goldmines telefilms.

Tamilrocker leaked the movie on the same day. When the Tamil Movie was Released, The Critics And the public Both liked the movie. The Movie Makers has to suffer, Due to ill Activities of Tamilrockers. As the movie leaked on that website in HD print. They destroy the privacy of the makers. Tamilrockers’ websites must be banned so that they don’t harm others.


Movie Plot

Comali has been dubbed in hindi and it will be released very soon.

Ravi is a school student whose father treated him with a lot of morality, such as being fair to all. He is in love with his classmate Nikita and has tried to propose to her, but was not successful. After mustering up courage and as he proposes to her, MLA Dharmaraj takes Nikita as a human shield, while escaping after killing a rival gangster. Ravi gets into the grip of a truck while trying to save him and finishes the comtose.

After 16 years, Ravi wakes up. He finds that things have changed a lot over the years, from the fact that his father died, and that his sister married his childhood friend Mani. Thiazesh, a doctor treating Ravi, asks Mani to fulfill any of his wishes, as he has missed 16 years of his life.

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Ravi goes to Nikita’s house, only to realize that she is married and her husband is Thiagesh. Nikita, not wanting to embarrass her husband, lies that she did not like Ravi and rejects his offer that day. Ravi seeks the help of his friend to find a girl through a matrimonial website. Ravi immediately likes Ritika, whom he saw during her niece’s birthday party. She agrees to a date with Ravi.

Still an innocent teenager at heart, Ravi mistakes Ritika’s sucker as her consent to kiss and kiss him. Not expecting this, Ritika slaps her in the middle. It is out of proportion by the public and the media. Ravi’s sister harasses her to create more problems besides her debt problem.

Unable to find a decent job after graduation, Ravi becomes a security guard at the museum, where Ritika works. She tells him that she has forgiven him after knowing his innocence. After thwarting a robbery, Ravi sees a statue he modifies to gift to Nikita and realizes that it belongs to his family who reveals to be royal. However, it is revealed that Dharmaraja is the owner of the statue; He lies that he is the last royal heir to use the statue as proof.

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Ravi devised a plan to prove that the idol belonged to him and not to Dharmaraja. With the help of Ritika and Mani, they get a button camera to live the conversation with Dharmaraj. Meanwhile, he also tries to familiarize himself with the society and uses YouTube to describe what happened to the society during his 16-year coma. Ravi’s plan goes well, until small drops of sweat hit the electronic circuit.

Ravi suddenly remembers a group-photo during his school days and he tries to get it back from Nikita. However, Thiazesh accidentally destroys the photo, erasing any evidence. Disappointed but determined, Ravi thinks of another plan. Ravi, with the help of Nikita and Thiagesh, has decided to use human emotions instead of defeating Dharmaraja without using technology, as Ravi explains that people are dependent on technology and becoming addicted to it. He says that they are losing their reality to live in a virtual world.

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Ravi plans to go inside Dharmaraj’s house as a distant relative, using Thiyajesh as a scout. Ravi, Mani and Nikita go to Dharmaraj’s house and distract Dharmaraj’s pregnant wife, while Ravi then tries to steal the statue and replace her with a duplicate. However, he is caught by Dharmaraj’s wife, who attempts to inform her husband. He slips and goes into labor and Ravi, not wanting to cause the unborn child’s death, helps him to the hospital.

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En route, Ravi’s auto gets stuck in the flood due to heavy drift, so he takes Dharmaraj’s wife to the hospital to help people on the road. Ravi realizes that humanity is still present despite all the changes in the society. Meanwhile, Dharmaraja hears about his wife and reaches the hospital. After learning that Ravi has helped his wife and that their child is born safely, he returns her the statue in gratitude.

During the credits, Ravi learns that his emotional outburst at Nikita’s house was filmed by Hrithik and has gone viral on social media, making him money, and has become a YouTube celebrity. Mani’s debts have been repaid, and Ritika and Ravi are together.

Movie Review

First Things First – Comley is a comedy film, with many sequences that lack logic. But as the makers billed it as a fun and ‘no-brainer’ film, those scenes have to be harmless on screen. The film begins with the voice of Ravi (Jayam Ravi) in the form of two school students from a small school boy in the 80s to the late 90s, presented in an engaging manner, Yogi Babu’s Thanks for their combination scenes together. Comali Movie is also dubbed in hindi.

Like most Tamil film heroes, Ravi falls in love with his classmate Nikita (Samyukta Hegde) at first sight. A few days later, he presents her with an idol that he believes to be close to his heart, after which, an incident occurs that takes him into a coma state for a decade and a half. Ravi, who wakes up after these many years in the 21st century, takes time to cope with the reality of time and the changes the world has seen over time.

Ravi later becomes close to another girl (Kajal Aggarwal), which shows her that the idol she had presented to Nikita years ago was expensive. How he tries to get it back, who is now that of a notorious legislator, forms the rest of the story.

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Given the innovative and hilarious plotline in the film, there was a lot of scope for creating interesting scenes throughout the film. But an entertaining first half didn’t have an equally catchy latter half due to some mellow scenes. While those scenes convey some of the harsh reality of today’s time, it does become a bit preachy after a point. Jayam Ravi and Vinodini’s performance combined with the music of Hip Hop Adi improves the emotional scene to a great extent. There are scenes that may be related to the children of the 90s, the makers claimed was almost true, and some episodes that featured Ravi’s innocence and ignorance are well portrayed. Scenes that glorified objectification to make laughter possible could have been avoided.

Yogi Babu scores big in some scenes – they bring the house down and follow the comedic scenes with Ravi. Samyukta and Ananthi are convincing in their characters. Kajal’s character portrayal and some of Shah Ra’s scenes should have dealt with the top performance better. KS Ravikumar, who appears in two forms, aptly fits the bill in the role of a dangerous politician.

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