Devadas hindi Dubbed Full Movie|Don Aur Doctor Hindi Dubbed Movie

Don Aur Doctor Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Devadas hindi dubbed Movie Don Aur Doctor Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Release Date Confirmed: And finally, the wait is over now the much-awaited Telugu Movie Devadas’s Hindi dubbed version is now going to release. Devadas features Natural star Nani, King Nagarjuna, Beautiful and Gorgeous ladies Rashmika […]

ddon aur doctor hindi dubbed movie

Don Aur Doctor Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Devadas hindi dubbed Movie

Don Aur Doctor Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Release Date Confirmed: And finally, the wait is over now the much-awaited Telugu Movie Devadas’s Hindi dubbed version is now going to release. Devadas features Natural star Nani, King Nagarjuna, Beautiful and Gorgeous ladies Rashmika Mandanna and Akanksha Sharma in the main lead role. The movie was directed nu Sriram Additya and the movie had done an average performance at the box office with mixed to good reviews from critics and audiences. Hindi dubbing rights of the movie were sold out to Zee Cinema.

The Hindi dubbing of the movie was 100% completed at the Qulabs Dubbing studious .The movie was all set to have its television premiere on Zee Cinema. And now finally the Hindi dubbed version world television premiere release date is confirmed. Hindi dubbed version of Devadas is titled as ‘Don Aur Doctor’ which going to telecast on 1st November at 9pm only on Zee Cinema and Zee Cinema HD. Most probably there will be no YouTube premiere for this movie, but you can watch the full movie online on Zee5 after few weeks of Television premiere or you can also download the movie on the offline


Movie Plot

M. K. Das, a m. s. Holder joins Medimax, a corporate hospital in Hyderabad, as a surgeon designated to work at Morchery. Four days later, He sees a patient whose medicine is taken by his senior physician. Determined by Bhardwaj. Considering the inappropriate medication, Das asked Bhardwaj for a change in prescription without prior approval. Although the patient recovers, Bhardwaj removes Das from his job on the basis of unprofitable behavior. With no option left, Dasji’s dilapidated Shirnabhai Memorial Charity Hospital starts a clinic in his area.

On a parallel note, police are searching for Dev, a crime boss whose identity is unknown. The deity returns to Hyderabad after the death of his mentor grandfather, who was killed by his rival David. Dada’s son Ajay helped David in the murder and earned Dev’s year. One day, Dev is injured in a shootout between his gang and the police, and escapes the scene successfully hiding his identity. He enters the Shantabai Memorial Charity Hospital, where Das treats him and extracts the pill. Das later learns that his patient is a crime boss, but chooses not to reveal his identity to avoid breach of trust.

Deva is impressed with Das’s honesty and naivete, and befriends him, calling him “Gold” (mocking the gold medal he won for becoming a university topper in M. S.). He and his people renovate the clinic, and the influx of patients increases. As Das becomes busy as a practicing surgeon. he is equally amazed by the number of gangsters and criminals around him. She also falls in love with Pooja, unaware that she is an undercover police officer working on the Deva case. Meanwhile, Deva revealed that she had a journalist’s feelings for Jahnavi, which was never communicated.

As Das attempts to bring Deva and Jahnavi together (by presenting him as a CBI officer), Dev finds himself “humane”. Pooja, in an attempt to arrest Dev, asks Das to bring him to a meeting for dinner at a restaurant. As Pooja waits there with the police, Deva discovers Ajay’s whereabouts and sees Das. Das questioned the deity’s humanity and lack of leaves, re-joining Medimax after promising to organize a successful organ donation camp. With the help of Deva, the organ donation camp succeeds, which brings a change in Bhardwaj’s opinion on Das.

Due to a rift in their friendship, Deva is heartbroken and meets a child at a party, who is aware of her identity. The child asked Dev a favor: to scare death as he is dying soon due to blood cancer. Deva arranges for her treatment, but the child dies. With the help of Deva, the organ donation camp at Medimax succeeds, which brings a change in Bhardwaj’s opinion on Das.

The child’s death depicts the deity, who asks Jahnavi to arrange for a live telecast. He reveals his identity as a crime boss, for which the police are searching, and credits Das for his change. However, he gets a call from David, who kidnaps the slave, and asks him to meet in private for one last time. Dev goes to David’s place and the police chase him.

Das, with the help of Bhardwaj and two other surgeons, protests Dev’s death. The film ends with Deva and Das enjoying a vacation on a cruise with Jahnavi and Pooja, recalling past events.

Movie Review

Critic’s Rating: 3.5/5

In indian Cinema Dons are often portayed in a comical way. Several cases, they are reduced to caricaturish roles . In some cases, they’re given a human touch and made the lead (Munnabhai MBBS comes to mind). Director Sriram Adittya sidesteps the stereotypes and manages to give his character a unique twist in his latest comic caper Devadas. With some cracking humour and well written dialogues, the film is thoroughly entertaining for most part of it. A tighter screenplay, less melodrama and a better climax — and this film could’ve been one for the ages. But for most part of it, Devadas is jolly good fun.

We are introduced to Deva , a dreaded gangster who’s is baying for blood after his mentor is brutally killed by a rival gang. Being the most wanted criminal, the cops are determined to catch Deva. While on the run from the cops, an injured Deva stumbles into a clinic run by Dr Das. Who is a sincere doctor who never tires of telling people he’s a gold medallist. In strange circumstances, the two of them become friends. However, Das soon finds out that being friends with a wanted criminal is not as easy as it seems.

The humour is absolutely spot on in Devadas, with Nani getting some hilarious dialogues. There are several moments As he brings the house down with his wisecracks. The writing is creative, and Nagarjuna is not your run-of-the-mill don. He loves to drink, longs for home food and likes spending time with people who don’t fear him. The scenes involving the two stars are a riot But film mainly revolves around them So that fine In a sense.
But while Devadas starts off well, it’s hampered by an overdose of melodrama as the film progresses, with the sincere doc trying to convince the don to leave the life of crime. There’s a car-chase sequence involving Naveen Chandra, who plays Nag’s rival in the film — a scene which is excruciatingly long and boring. The climax too is weak, and lacks the punch the film needed. The director fails to strike a balance between the light-hearted moments and the melodramatic ones, hampering what is otherwise a hilarious film. Mani Sharma’s music is decent but doesn’t stay with you.

But if there’s one thing that makes watching Devadas worthwhile, it’s Nani. The actor is in top form and delivers one of his funniest performances in recent times. Every time he introduces himself as Dr Das, MBBS, MS, Gold Medallist, you can’t help but laugh — and there’s a lot more from him in this film. Nagarjuna breezes through his role with effortless ease ,Hence his scenes with Nani are particularly wonderful to watch. Both Rashmika and Aakanksha deserved better character arcs, even though they play people of prominence. They’re largely sidelined thanks to the Deva and Das show. Vennela Kishore, Rao Ramesh and Murali Sharma have short but effective roles and they’re superb.

Devadas certainly has its moments with some cracking humour and solid performances by its two stars. A tad too long, with some avoidable melodrama and a weak climax prove to be troublesome, but it doesn’t take it away from a hilarious first half which makes it worth your while. If you’re somebody who enjoys Nani’s brand of humour – Devadas is a must-watch.

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