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Disco Raja Telugu Movie |Hindi Dubbed News: Disco Raja is an upcoming Indian Telugu-language science fiction action Movie. Directed by VI Anand. In addition, Ravi Teja’s film also stars Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh, Tanya Hope, Vanella Kishore, Satya, and Ajay, while Bobby Simha will play the lead antagonist. S. Thaman is composing music. Ram Talluri […]


Disco Raja Telugu Movie |Hindi Dubbed News: Disco Raja is an upcoming Indian Telugu-language science fiction action Movie. Directed by VI Anand. In addition, Ravi Teja’s film also stars Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh, Tanya Hope, Vanella Kishore, Satya, and Ajay, while Bobby Simha will play the lead antagonist. S. Thaman is composing music. Ram Talluri is producing the film under the banner of SRT Entertainment. The film is expected to be released on 24 January 2020.

As per South News. Disco Raja Movie will be dubbed in Hindi. Recently Got the news that Goldmines telefilms have bought the Dubbing Rights. Movie rights have been sold at 15.5 core. The Telugu movie will be released on. 24 January 2020. There is a Rumor that goldmines have bought its dubbing rights but there no confirmation about it. Disco Raja Movie sold for Hindi dubbing to Goldmines Telefilms.  If You want the news of movie link You can Join Our Telegram Channel South Movie King.


Movie Plot

A man who brutally attacks the dead in Ladakh’s mountain ranges is found frozen by an expedition. He is taken to a re-live lab where Dr. Shishir introduces a technique that can revive the dead, to Dr. Parineeti and her colleague (Vanella Kishore). After the experiment, the subject wakes up but has no memory of his past. On the other hand, his name is revealed to be Vasu, when a member of his family is thrown out by his landlord for a transfusion to pay the rent on time, which he believes will be paid by Vasu. His girlfriend Nabha explains to a loan officer that Vasu handled several operations day and night during which he fell for her.

Searching for his half-brother Kaushik who snatched the family’s money, Raj finds him but never returns. She also reveals that Vasu’s family members are actually orphans who came to live together. Back on live, Shishir is told by Parineeti and Venela not to consider the subject as it may interfere with the experiment. However, Vasu runs away from the lab using Parineeti’s card, but faints due to exposure to heavy light. Parineeti then reveals that she was killed by someone and the doctors revive her. However, Parineeti is adamant on rejuvenating her memories to Vasu, and retrieves an item found with her corpse, which is being given to Vanella for servicing.

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In an attempt to get the attention of those who missed him, Vasu beats a minister and the video goes viral after his arrest. An old gangster named Burma Setu is surprised to find him alive. And sends his men to pick them up from the police station. Guldar takes Vasu, his brother and the doctors. Trying to dial the police number, Vanella spontaneously takes out the package of Vasu given by Parineeti. And has to throw it out to avoid questioning Shishir. Vasu picks up the package to find a music player and headphones. Listening to the music, his memories are revived and he fights Guldar. Revealing himself to Disco Raja. Before Shishir reveals that Raja’s actual age is 70 because he was frozen for 35 years; He is probably not Vasu. Raja takes Vanella with him to rediscover his identity.

At the hospital, an injured Shishir tells Setu about Raj’s revival. Raja visits the Madras bar he founded, where a friend tells how Raj used to be notorious. Music-loving gangster in loggerheads with Setu, a notorious gangster who sparked a gang war over his refusal to cooperate. The two parties killed each other’s members, but Raj managed to arrest Setu for a lifetime. Raj also falls for a deaf and mute girl named Helen, who initially refuses, but finds Raj only her caretaker. When she was pregnant before marriage, Raj married her, thwarted her death and left her gang behind. However, Sethu is freed from prison and he kills Raj’s gang members. Raj and Helen were also attacked in Ladakh, but Raj sent Helen in a truck before killing himself.

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On the other hand, a police officer who has rescued Vasu and tells him about Raj asks for his father, Helen, to murder him. Arriving at the scene. Raja and Vanella are attacked by Vasu. Who questions Raj about Helen’s murder. Raj refuses to kill her and gets into a fight with Setu. After being stabbed, Sethu reveals that he had not murdered Raja in Ladakh. And that he then came to avenge his wife’s murder. Raj refuses to kill her and realizes the truth, shooting the police officer who not only had Vasu’s mindset to kill Vasu’s family but also sent goons. The goons retreat after seeing a photo of the officer’s dead corpse.

Raj and Vanella learn that a man named Anthony Das had ordered the policeman to kill them, and together with Vasu, catches Anthony’s son at gunpoint, before Anthony, Raj’s gang Member North Kumar shoots Raj. He reveals that he killed Setu’s wife and later killed Raj’s gang. He also thwarted his death and was one of the people who killed Raj in Ladakh. Although shot in the chest, Raj attacks Guldar with his heart located in the right direction. Father, son and Vanella together kill and kill goons. Raj kills Anthony and injures himself. On returning to Delhi, Vasu repays the loan with the help of Kaushik and settles with Nabha. When she asks him about Raj, it is revealed that Raj is once again brought to life by the doctors, while Setu and Anthony are also recovering in the lab.

Marketing And Film Makers

The motion poster was released on. Ravi Teja’s birthday and Republic Day 26 January 2019. Bobby Simha’s first look poster was released on his birthday on 6 November 2019. And he revealed his character as Burma Setu. On December 4, 2019, the movie has announced a teaser release date by releasing a new poster of Ravi Teja. Payal Rajput’s first look poster was released on. 5 December 2019 on her birthday. The first look poster of Nabha Natesh was released on. 11 December 2019 on her birthday.

The official teaser of the film was released on. 6 December 2019. The film’s second official teaser was released on. 13 January 2020.

The pre-release event was to be held at the N-Convention Madhapur. Hyderabad on 19 January 2020.

Release Date

Disco Raja is an upcoming Telugu film scheduled to release on January 24, 2020. The film is directed by V Anand. staring Ravi Teja, Payal Rajput, Vanella Kishore, and Tanya Hope. Other popular actors who were roped in for the disco raja are Nabha Natesh, Bobby Simha and Shishir Sharma.


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