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Entha Manchivaadavuraa full Movie

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Entha Manchivaadavuraa full Movie Updates:. Entha Manchivaadavrru is a 2020 Indian Telugu-language action drama film. Directed by Satish Vejasna. The Gujarati-language film is the official remake of Oxygen, starring Kalyan Ram and Mehreen Pirzada in lead roles, music composed by Gopi Sundar. The film is produced jointly by Subhash Gupta and Umesh Gupta of Aditya Music. The title of the film is from an unnamed song from the film Nammina Bantu.

With the solstice on 15 January 2020, the film released theatrically. If You want the news of movie link You can Join Our Telegram Channel South Movie King. As per South News. Entha Manchivaadavuraa Movie will be dubbed in Hindi. Recently Got the news that Goldmines telefilms have bought the Dubbing Rights. The Telugu movie will be released on 15 January 2020. There is a Rumor that Aditya Movies have its dubbing rights but there no confirmation about it.


Production Marketing and Release

The film commenced in 2019, in Rajahmundry and East Godavari district. Most of the filming was done at locations in Purushottama Patnam, Pendyala, Kovvuru, and Kotipalli.

Being Kalyan Ram’s 17th film, its title logo was unveiled by the makers on his birthday. The film’s first look was released on 21 September 2019.

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Movie Plot

Balu (Nandamuri Kalyanram) is an ideal family man, besides, he does not have one. He admits that he has so much lost that he opens up a start-up called Emotional Suppliers with Nandini (Mehreen Pirzada). How his startup takes him to different positions, that’s all.

Movie Review

Critic’s Rating: 2.5/5

Satish Vegesna is an expert in expanding the qualities of family and emotions through his films. This time, however, he tries the same with the help of some interesting elements.

Balu (Kalyanram) loses his parents in childhood. And is abandoned by his extended family. However, he becomes a caring person who has nothing but nothing to love, as does the titular Manchi Baloo. He comes up with a start-up with Nandini (Mehreen), who loves those who are longing for their children. The spirit of his startup, the emotional supplier, seems synthetic, but Satish somehow manages to explain it. He also pulls out some collective scenes with no hitch, even if you’re not yet introverted.

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But the second half is where everything goes down. The protagonist preaches excessively and most of the scenes begin with ‘Pelli Ante’ … ‘Prema Ante’ … ‘Bandham Ante’ … a trope that is so tiring that actually someone Neither is known. The director even manages to make the Vanella teenage feature under some old and belted comedy scenes. And with the climax moving around in the same vein, the sermon simply does not stop.

Rajiv Kanakala appears as the antagonist in some scenes. But eventually, he also gets preached. In the end, the heavy dose of emotion is a drag and can only work for fans of Satish Vejasana. Kalyanram adapted himself well for the film and you believe the character he is playing. His body language is on-point and he draws fight sequences well. Mehreen gave a good performance. And she has been seen in a full-fledged role for a long time. Naresh, Sarath Babu, Suhasini and more pull off their roles. The scenes in Munnar are well shot and the music by Gopi Sundar does not disappoint.

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The flaw of Antha Manchivavadura is the way it is written. Like most of Satish’s films, this film seems more like a moral class than a cinema. The director tries to pull a lot of elements that don’t work. Despite the flaws Antha Manchivavadur can be classified as a Manchi film, so try it if such films are your thing.

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