Geetha Govindam Hindi Dubbed Movie

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On 15 August 2018 Telugu Movie Geetha Govindam was released. Geetha Govindam Telugu movie dubbed in Hindi, Film directed by Parasuram was a Telugu Romantic comedy film. Produce by Allu Aravind.

Geetha Govindam movie is a Romantic-comedy movie starring Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika Mandana, Nithya Menon, Sabbaraju, Rahul Ramakrishna. A huge amount of money Zee Networks bought the dubbing rights. Vijay has brought life to the script. The movie is just an awesome Romantic drama Movie.You can watch the movie on zee5 app.

On the day of release. tamilrockers leaked the movie on the same day. Both crits and the public liked the movie. Hence Movie makers suffer in box office collection. As the movie leaked on that website in HD print. They destroy the privacy of the makers. Tamilrockers websites must be banned so that they don’t harm others.


  • Vijay Deverakonda
  • Rashmika Mandana
  • Nithya Menon
  • Sabbaraju
  • Rahul Ramakrishna

Movie Plot in summary

Geetha Govindam Telugu movie dubbed in hindi, In this Movie ,Vijay Govinda, a young lecturer at a college, has expressed his desire to get married soon. She tries to drown a unique and level-headed woman named Geeta, who is not easy to explain.

Who Are TamilRockers?

Movie Review

As easy as it seems to do rom-com, we’ve often seen film-makers talk about and fail to successfully perform any “Breeze Entertainer” in Tollywood. Director Parasuram, however, got the same with Geeta Govindam. He has a casting spot, is impressive and the film’s pace writing is almost accurate. With an adorable looking lead pair and some great music, Geeta Gobindam is perfectly entertaining.

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We are introduced to college lecturer Vijay Govinda (Vijay Deverekonda), who dreams of marrying a woman and settling down with a woman. He is an ordinary young man who likes to get drunk and fool with his friends but the only thing on his mind is marriage. While searching for a girl, she runs off to the Gita (Radhika Mandana). He likes her immediately but when they go on a bus ride together, he cools off and goes away. As soon as she started warming up to him, she made a big mistake, it not only dealt with her whole love story, but could potentially affect her relationship with her father (Naga Babu) and soon become father-in-law (Subba Raju).

Geeta is convinced that Vijay is a compulsive agitator and an irresponsible young man, though he calls her a ‘madam’ and insists that he is a sincere man. Whenever he comes close to convincing her, things go wrong. They continue in this vein that it repeats, but the way the actors are avoiding it makes the difference. Conversations work and humor is great, holding you back as you begin to lose interest. Gopi is in pretty top form and the music enhances your viewing experience (especially Income Income Income Qual Qualities) with you.

Although sometimes the film slows down and seems to be somewhere in the title, especially in the sequel to The Heart. Suddenly plot twists in the second half are incredible, and you can’t help it without damaging the film unnecessarily, but be surprised if it gets better. These are minor pitfalls in an otherwise well-made film.

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Vijay Deverekonda is the owner of the movie in a romantic incarnation after Pele Chupulu. He is as charming as ever and fits seamlessly into parts like Vijay Govinda. Rashmika is also shining in her debut and the scene between the two is what made Gita Govindam so appealing. Rahul Ramakrishna is usually funny, while the vanilla teenager mourns the ila

Geeta Govindam has some good humor, fine music and a great lead pair. But more importantly it has a storyline that keeps viewers engaged and entertained, despite the predictable nature. If you like rom-coms, you should take it for granted. A big thumbs up!

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