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Dumdaar Khiladi ( Hello Guru Prema Kosame ) Hindi dubbed movie | Ram Pothineni & Anupama Parmeshwaran | Updates. Halo Guru Prema Kosame Hindi Dubbed Movie -. Dumdar Khiladi is the Hindi dubbed version of the 2018 blockbuster Telugu film. Starring Hello Guru Prema Kosme starring Ram Pothineni and the gorgeous Anupama Parameswaran. Namaskar, Guru […]

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Dumdaar Khiladi ( Hello Guru Prema Kosame ) Hindi dubbed movie | Ram Pothineni & Anupama Parmeshwaran | Updates.

Halo Guru Prema Kosame Hindi Dubbed Movie -. Dumdar Khiladi is the Hindi dubbed version of the 2018 blockbuster Telugu film. Starring Hello Guru Prema Kosme starring Ram Pothineni and the gorgeous Anupama Parameswaran. Namaskar, Guru Prema Kosam has been a blockbuster at the box office and collected around k 51 crore at the box office. The film was directed by Tridha Rao Nakshina and produced by Dil Raju.

Guru Prema Kosami’s Hindi dubbing rights were sold to Aditya Movie long ago. And we updated you on boxofficetalks.com. We had also updated that the Hindi dubbing of the film at Vyom Dubbing Studio is almost complete. And now there are the latest updates. Hindi dubbing is 100% complete and at the same time the Hindi dubbed version has been confirmed almost as a ‘strong player’. The Hindi dubbed version of Damdar Khiladi will soon air on television. And will be uploaded on Aditya Movies YouTube channels. News Sincerely – South Hindi Dubbed Movies. Dumdaar Khiladi Hindi dubbed full movie world television premiere on 7th July 2019 only on Star Gold and Star Gold HD. Later it was uploaded in Aditya movies youtube channel.


  • Ram Pothineni as Sanju, a happy-go-lucky youth in Kakinada who works in IT
  • Anupama Parameswaran as Anupama, Sanju’s love interest who does not like him initially but eventually falls for him
  • Pranitha Subhash as Reethu, a girl who works at Sanju’s office and whom she develops feelings for
  • Prakash Raj as Viswanath, Anu’s father who develops a bond with Sanju
  • Aamani as Lakshmi, Anu’s mother
  • Sithara as Gayatri, Sanju’s mother and Viswanath’s friend
  • Jayaprakash as Sanju’s father
  • Posani Krishna Murali as Sanju’s uncle
  • Noel Sean as Karthik, Sanju’s friend whom Vishwanath almost engages Anu to
  • Suresh as Reethu’s father
  • Sayaji Shinde as Karthik’s father
  • Ram Prasad as Sanju’s friend
  • Praveen as Mechanic
  • Sapthagiri as Auto Driver

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Movie Plot

Sanju (Ram Pothineni) is a happy young man in Kakinada, whose life revolves around his loving parents and his friends. Although she is very stubborn to live in her hometown at first. She finally decided to move to Hyderabad after learning about her parents’ desire to get a good IT job. He was asked to stay at the home of Vishwanath (Prakash Raj). A friend of Sanju’s mother Gayatri (Sithara).

On the train to Hyderabad, Sanju meets Anupama (Anupama Parameswaran). Whom she embarrasses and fools after listening to his crook Kakinada’s boys. She later learns that Anu is none other than Vishwanath’s daughter. And that she must share a house with him every morning and leave college. At first, Anu hates Sanju deeply. But later she is warmed to him due to his kind nature and love towards his family. They become good friends. Sanju also learns about Vishwanath’s reputation that he always keeps his point. And even sacrifices his dream of making Anu a doctor to fulfill the promise made to his dying friend.

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Sanju also names Rithu (Pranitha Subhash), a girl working in his office, and they begin a relationship. At the same time, his friendship with Anu becomes stronger, but when Rithu proposes to Sanju, he finally discovers his hidden love for Anu and comes to know that he has married Anu’s only friend. Took much care. When he is about to reveal his love to Anu, Vishwanath finalizes Anu’s engagement to Anu’s Karthik (Noel Sean), which breaks Sanju’s heart.

Vishwanath and Sanju now became close friends. Vishwanath gave his promise to Sanju that he would remain his friend until Sanju left Hyderabad. When Sanju finally reveals Anu’s love to Vishwanath. Vishwanath is caught in a dilemma as he needs to keep his word and become a friend of Sanju to help Anu gain his love. While still Anu is protecting her and trying to keep her away from Sanju. In advance. After lively and emotional chaos. Anu finally tells Sanju that she too loved him all and asks him to take her away and marry her.

When Vishwanath comes to know about this. He too angrily and emotionally asks Sanju to take him away and marry him as he is too fed up with the situation. However, to Vishwanath’s shock, Sanju leaves the next morning (Anu’s wedding day), while Anu is still at home. Sanju reveals that he did this because he did not want to hurt Vishwanath. As he had to be a good friend of his. And he also realized that Vishwanath would know best for his daughter. Soon, Vishwanath arrives in Kakinda with Anu. And happily blesses them to get married. As she realizes that only Sanju can keep her life happy.


No other genre does the spell-like family entertainers for the festive season. And Hello Guru Prema Kosme makes good use of her timing. Set in a light-hearted vein for the most part. Though with a heady cinematic mix of middle-class emotions and romance, the film sparks to keep you busy.

Halo guru Prema Kosami supports that typical middle-class dream. A small-town boy who is not willing to go out of his comfort zone but still compelled to do so for his parents. The film takes this trope to another level and even has a song on how nothing beats your ‘original place’. Sanju comes to Hyderabad in exchange for a competitive job and lives in the house of a government-employed Vishwanath in the city. Even before Sanju hit it with his IT colleague, he had a strong rapport with a much larger Vishwanath. The boy has a soft spot for his daughter, Anupama, who puts his equation into a quirk. There is confusion between attraction and love. There is a confrontation between friendship and the greater good, these are moments that facilitate good slice-of-life humor.

It becomes easy to rom-com while glorifying male love and portraying the girl’s father as merely a protector. Which most do not agree with the daughter’s desire. The film explores both these ends of love with equal care. The discussions between Sanju and Vishwanath shed light on the generation gap. in a humble vein. How a friend and a father’s perspective on love is different. There is no discussion on what is right and wrong, only discussions. Even in the climax where the director could take an easy route to make alliances between his lead actors. He ensures ‘common sense’.

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Both emotion and humor get enough space in the story and thankfully both aspects are not diluted. The IT-job episode is a laugh riot to begin with. Ram keeps a firm eye on the image of his ‘energetic stars’ and shows restraint on the need of the hour. His comic timing gets better after the film and he has a twinkle in his eye as he defies his lover-image. But Prakash Raj seems to have enjoyed more among the pack. Walking the tight rope between exaggeration and subtlety with his humor, Prakash Raj again shows why he is one of the most valuable actors. The absence of smart dialogue and melodrama affects her and the film as well. However, ‘Tu Tu Main Main’ between Rama and Prakash Raj may get in your veins for a while.

Anupama holds her own despite being in a script that searches for the mostly male psyche and shows that she can do well as well. Pranitha had never known of her fleshy parts before and even her small role in Hello Guru does not help her in her case. The music by Devi Sri Prasad which sounded great before the release of the film works better on-screen. Most of the songs are conceived and executed well. Trinadha Rao Nakina, the director presents a neat entertainer that may not surprise you much but gives a good reason to hit theaters for the festival holidays.

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