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Ismart Shankar is a Telugu science fiction action film. Puri Jagannath has directed the film. Charmme Kaur and Puri Jagannadh have produced the film. Ram Pothineni, Nabha Natesh, Nidhi Aggarwal, Satyadev, and Puneet Issar is in lead role in the film. It was officially announced by the filmmakers. Double is the sequel to the film titled Ismart. Ismart Shankar will be dubbed in Hindi by Aditya Movies.

Movie Rating

Ismart Shankar Movie is declared hit at the box-office. With mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The climax was nice and suspense was well maintained. The IMDb rating of Malang is 5.8/10.

Hindi dubbing Update

Aditya Movies Pvt. Ltd. had bought the Hindi dubbing rights. As per Our sources Dubbing rights were sold to Aditya movies. Much before the Telugu release. Now the Dubbing of the film was completed fully. Hindi dubbed version has also completed the Censor Certificate in the month of December. Sanket Mhatre has given thee voice to Ram Pothineni in the Hindi dubbed version. Telugu Version of the film is Available in zee5 App. You can watch the film if you are interested in the Telugu version.

We have got the confirm Release Date of Ismart Shankar Hindi Version. Aditya movie has not changed the name, The Hindi dubbed version has the same name, Ismart Shankar. The Hindi dubbed version will be on Air on 16 February 2020. The schedule of the film is 16 Feb 8 pm only on Set Maxx. Later The movie will be Premiered on Youtube in Aditya movie youtube channel. That you can watch there for free and Download it Respectively.

Watch the Full Movie in Hindi

Ismart Shankar full movie (2020) | Hindi Dubbed Movie | Ram Pothineni, Nidhi Agerwal, Nabha Natesh

About Movie Update

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Ismart Shankar Cast

Movie Plot

Ismart Shankar is a mad settlement executor who kills a prominent government official. The police start chasing him and Shankar runs away with his friend. Then, Arun is a policeman looking after a similar case. In fact, when he is going to seize the real guilty party behind the murder, he is killed. In a crazy unpredictable development, the police take Arun’s memory to Shankar. What is this total memory issue? What does Ismart Shankar have to do with this? He structures the remainder of the story.

Movie Review

Puri aims to bring the story of a flawed, seemingly heartbroken criminal with Jagannath, who falls only for the girl who does not leave him. But what happens when the criminal is told that. He has not been paid to kill someone. But has been used as a pawn in some other sinners. One would expect the film to be fast-paced and perhaps far from logical. But with iSmart Shankar you get anything.

Shankar (Ram Pothineni) is a criminal who does not hesitate to make enemies. He communicates heartburn while remaining away from his enemies and is bronze orange. His double-toned jeans and flamboyant shirts feature a civil engineer named Chandni (Nabha Natesh), oblivious to him and his nonsense. But of course, she eventually falls for him, even though her favorite pastime is to disappoint her beyond belief. On the other side is CBI agent Anand. Was working in the case of Shankar’s murder. And his girlfriend Sarah, a neuro-scientist whose invention is important to this story. There is also a mystery plot that Shankar must unveil which is so predictable, it’s funny how you can smell the conclusion from a mile away.

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