Ismart Shankar Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

Ismart Shankar Hindi Dubbed Full Movie|Ismart Shankar In Hindi|Release Date On 18 July 2019 Telugu Movie Ram’s iSmart Shankar was released. Film directed by Puri Jagannadh was a Telugu Science Friction Action film. Produce by Puri Jagannadh,Charmme Kaur. Aditya movie has bought its Hindi dubbing rights. Watch Full Movie in Hindi Ismart Shankar full movie […]

Ismart shankar Hindi dubbed movie

Ismart Shankar Hindi Dubbed Full Movie|Ismart Shankar In Hindi|Release Date

On 18 July 2019 Telugu Movie Ram’s iSmart Shankar was released. Film directed by Puri Jagannadh was a Telugu Science Friction Action film. Produce by Puri Jagannadh,Charmme Kaur. Aditya movie has bought its Hindi dubbing rights.

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Ismart Shankar full movie (2020) | Hindi Dubbed Movie | Ram Pothineni, Nidhi Agerwal, Nabha Natesh

iSmart Shankar movie is a Science-Friction Action movie starring Ram Pothineni, Nabha Natesh, Nidhhi Agerwal, Satyadev Kancharana, and Puneet Issar. The Movie was Collapsed with Puri Connects, Puri Jagannadh Touring Talkies. Aditya Movies has brought another Hit movie, After giving blockbuster Hindi dubbed movie in 2019. The movie will be premiered very soon. Ram is Popular Actor In Telugu Film Industries. He brings life to the script by his acting. He is one of the Energetic Actors.

On the day of release. tamilrockers leaked the movie on the same day. Both crits and the public liked the movie. Hence Movie makers suffer in box office collection. As the movie leaked on that website in HD print. They destroy the privacy of the makers. Tamilrocker’s websites must be banned so that they don’t harm others.


  • Ram Pothineni
  • Nabha Natesh
  • Nidhhi Agerwal
  • Satyadev Kancharana
  • Puneet Issar

Movie Plot

Shankar is a contract killer who works under Kaka. Under Mama’s command, he murders a high-profile politician named Kashi Vishwanath. Vishwanath’s son Devendra and his brother-in-law Ramamurthy vowed revenge on Shankar. The film opens with Shankar fleeing from jail while being chased by the police. He kills the police and runs away in a truck where he remembers the past.

While withdrawing money from an apartment builder. He is confronted by Chandni, a fearless girl and even goes to the extent of slapping Shankar. He gets affected by it and falls for her. After some shuffling, she regrets. Once, on the orders of Kaka, Shankar kills Kashi Vishwanath, he flees to Goa with Moonlight.

However, the police came to know of his location and tracked him down. Moonlight is shot and killed while running away. Shankar surrounds himself with grief and vows to kill the one who killed him.

In a parallel story, Sara is a neuroscientist working on memory transfer and has achieved successful results with mice. Her boyfriend, Aru, is a CBI officer who is trying to crack the murder case of Kashi Vishwanath. He believes that there is a high force that planned and killed him.

Shankar realizes that Kaka was ordered to kill him and. When he plans to run away in Sara’s car, kills Kaka. He runs away while Sara calls Arun. Arun catches a running man but the man is killed when a car hits him. He is then high-ups to find Arun’s killer and Arun is about to crack the case. He is shot and killed by goons. The CBI is desperate to find out who the murderer is, so with Sara’s help. They transfer Arun’s memory to Shankar, knowing that doing so would clear his past.

Shankar wakes up and experiences tremors and memories that are not his own. When Sara tells her the truth and she realizes that she will not miss the moonlight in a few days, it fires up. experiences brief flashes where he becomes Arun but respects Shankar.

He locates Arun’s house and takes out a bag containing all the evidence of who the murderer is, which turns out to be Ramamurthy and Devendra. follows them under the guise of Shankar and is eventually killed by Devendra Shankar. The film ends with Shankar / Arun and Sara proposing to go to Hong Kong and marry Sara on February 14, just as Arun had planned with Sara.

Ismart Shankar Hindi Movie Review

ISmart Shankar Puri aims to bring the story of a flawed, seemingly heartless criminal with Jagannadh, who only falls for the girl who won’t do her shit. But what happens when the criminal is told that he has not been paid to kill someone, but has been used as a pawn in some other sinners? With such a plot, one would expect the film to be fast-paced and perhaps far from logical. But with iSmart Shankar you get anything.

Shankar (Ram Pothineni) is a criminal who does not shy away from making enemies. He communicates annoyingly while remaining away from his enemies and is a bronze orange. His double-toned jeans and flamboyant shirts come to a civil engineer named Chandni (Nabha Natesh), who is oblivious to him and his nonsense. But of course, she eventually falls for him, even though her favorite pastime is to disappoint her beyond belief. On the other side is CBI agent Anand. Working in the case of Shankar’s murder .and his girlfriend Sara, a neuro-scientist whose invention is crucial to this story. There is also a mystery plot that Shankar must unveil which is so predictable, it’s fun how you can smell the conclusion from a mile away.

The issue with Ismart Shankar (surprisingly) is not in the fact that the protagonist of this story is such an uncomfortable and inappropriate character that he threatens to rape women and object to their bodies. And Puri believes that it works even though he never pretends that Shankar is liked. He even explains why Shankar could be the way he was in communication, but never removes the discomfort. The film’s ban, however, is its main point, which requires you to be engaged and you are expected to suspend disbelief. But even in this makeup world, when the rules change minute by minute, it is very difficult. To make matters worse, the long, tiring journey you anticipate in advance is better than nothing.

Ismart Shankar hindi

Ram Pothineni however gives his energy to Shankar, which gives him a kind of energy, which makes him happy to be seen on-screen even as his most disgusting self. That comes especially when the film requires him to perform mass dance steps in a badly ill song. He also leaps through very few emotional scenes and many comic people in the film. Satya Dev’s character never gets a chance to eat too much meat, which is treated like an agent. Shame, seeing how well he can act! The characters of Nabha Natesh and Nidhi Agarwal also suffer from a similar syndrome, where much is made of their profession; They only serve the purpose of being rightly wrong male-imaginary. However Nabha gave a great performance with her offering. Nidhi is simple.

iSmart Shankar is a loud, untidy and firm mass film that fails to take off. While Mani Sharma’s effective music and BGM are covered in noise (literally), it doesn’t do much to help the film. If you are a fan of Puri, Ram or Nabha, then give you a chance this weekend, you may get the necessary patience. If you are looking for anything remotely logical, feel free to do it.

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