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Jai Mummy Di Hindi Full Movie| Review

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Jai Mummy Di is a 2020 Indian Hindi language romantic comedy Movie. Directed by Navjot Gulati. Starring Sunny Singh and Sonnalli Seygall. The film also stars actors Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon. It was produced by Love Films and distributed by T-Series. The film tells the story of conflicting dynamics between the protagonists’ mothers. And how they are affecting other members of those two families. The film was released in India on 17 January 2020.

After the film Pyaar Ka Panchnama 2. Sunny brings Nizar and Sonanalli Segal back on screen together.

The movie is doing well in box-office. The movie was released on 17 Jan 2020. Within 2 hours the movie was leaked by Tamilrockers. Movie print on the site is quite good. The government has stopped this website. But Still, No use As many are using VPN, in order to access the site. They destroy the privacy of the makers. If You want any kind of news of about the movie link. You can Join Our Telegram Channel South Movie King.


Movie Plot in Summary

Sanjha Bhalla (Sonnalli Seygall) and Puneet Khanna (Sunny Singh) are next-door neighbors and secret high-school sweethearts. But, their mothers – Pinky (Poonam Dhillon) and Lali (Supriya Pathak). Meanwhile Are constantly due to an old unresolved score on loggerheads, which is the biggest hurdle in their relationship.


Movie Review

‘Jai Mummy Di’ is all that is taken directly from the Delhi comedy sketch. ‘Aunty’ is loud and full of herself, husbands make mehndi. Children are tiger-raised and wear clothes. Have shiners instead of what they wear (which is a lot). And, in a hurry — almost, a young couple dared to give their forbidden love affair a second chance. With the family’s maternal ancestors refusing to bury the hatchet. The heart lovers manage to end up together, making up the crux of the romcom.

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Before jumping to the loopholes. One has to credit writer-director, Navjot Gulati. It is completely downhill to this maliciously written and equally directed comedy flick. The story gets in the way before intermission and never returns to track, with many such songs and There are dance numbers beyond which it becomes difficult to sit.

Sonnalli Seygal, as Delhi’s bold and ruthless, looks glamorous on-screen, but doesn’t quite manage to get into the skin of her character; It is very luxurious for colloquial language. As a boy with a love affair, Sunny Singh has his moments, but he also fades away (and very quickly) over time. The feud between senior actresses – Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon are not one of her best works. Readers draw out the quarrelsome nature of his character Lali with proper characterlessness, but Poonam Dhillon is most definitely not the Pinkie the director was looking for.

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