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Jersey Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Nani | Release Date: Jersey Hindi dubbed movie is a Blockbuster announcement by Goldmines Telefilms and Sony Max. 2019 recently released Telugu language sports drama movie Jersey’s Hindi Dubbed version release date is now confirmed. Jersey features Natural star Nani, Shraddha Srinath, and Sathyaraj in the main lead role. […]

Jersey movie

Jersey Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Nani | Release Date: Jersey Hindi dubbed movie is a Blockbuster announcement by Goldmines Telefilms and Sony Max. 2019 recently released Telugu language sports drama movie Jersey’s Hindi Dubbed version release date is now confirmed. Jersey features Natural star Nani, Shraddha Srinath, and Sathyaraj in the main lead role. The movie was directed by Gowtham Tinnanuri and music was composed by Anirudh Ravichandran. Movie was declared as super-hit at the box office with extremely positive reviews from critics and the audiences. The movie witnessed the finest acting skills of Nani and resulted in his career’s best performance. The IMDb rating of Jersey is 8.8/10.

The Hindi dubbing rights of the movie were sold out before the Telugu release to Goldmines Telefilms Pvt. Ltd. for a decent deal. And a few months ago Goldmines Telefilms surprisingly released the motion poster of the Hindi Dubbed version of Jersey. And now the world television premiere and the YouTube premiere of Jersey’s Hindi dubbed version is announced. Sony Max is going to telecast the Hindi version of Jersey movie on 13th October at 8 pm. The movie will also have its YouTube premiere on the same night of the television premiere on the Goldmines Telefilms YouTube channel where you can watch the full movie online for free or you can also download the movie there only.



The film begins in 2019 in New York City, where a youth buys a book called Jersey from a bookstall, but later gives it to a woman who came to the same stall to buy the book. He is then told that the final copy had just been sold. When the woman asks him the reason behind giving the book, the man replies that the book was written after the life of his father Arjun.

The film dates back to 1986, where Arjun is a highly talented Ranji player who is in love with Sara. Arjun finally gave up cricket after being consistently dismissed from the Indian team due to the politics of the game. He is given a government job in sports quota. However, he loses his job after being accused of bribery.

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10 years later in 1919, Arjun is 37 years old, but unemployed and is always scolded by Sara, now his wife did not advise him to get back his job to consult a lawyer because he was innocent. His seven-year-old son Nani (Ronit Kamra), who represents his school cricket team, asks Arjun to present him an Indian jersey on his birthday. He promises his son to buy an Indian jersey and he realizes that it is worth Rs 500. Despite the lack of money, Arjun promised his son to buy the jersey on his birthday. Arjun advises a lawyer for his job but is told that he cannot get his job back until he pays the lawyer. With no choice, Arjun started asking his friends for money to buy the jersey, but was unsuccessful.

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Arjun was consulted by his former coach Murthy, who says that a charity match between the Hyderabad cricket team and New Zealand is being held in Hyderabad. Murthy persuaded Arjun to play in that match, stating that he would be given the job of assistant coach based on his performance and would get Jun 1000 as match fee. Arjun agrees to play. He gives a great performance in the match but later discovers that the match is not a fee. A depressed Arjun slaps Nani when he asks for a jersey. However, he later realizes his son’s love.

Arjun decided that he would start playing cricket again and would represent the Indian cricket team with a strong will. He informs Murthy about it, who is at first surprised but eventually supports her. Arjun participated in the Hyderabad Ranji team selection trials and started his batting performance. The coach of Hyderabad, Ramappa Gowda, is consulted by the head of the Hyderabad Cricket Association for the selection of the Ranji Trophy.

Ramappa tells the BCCI chief about Arjun’s talent. Initially unconvinced due to his age, Arjun was later selected after his consistently outstanding performance in the Ranji team. Arjun starts representing the team and plays exceptionally good cricket. He always deals with boundaries in a four-day match and is asked to focus on his physical fitness. However, Arjun continued his boundary line and led his team to the final. He eventually wins his wife’s love after a few family moments. In the final, the Hyderabad team is stuck in a difficult situation. Arjun, who hits most sixes and fours, takes singles and doubles and leads the team to victory alone but collapses after the match.

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The film goes back to 2019, where an adult nanny (initially the person buying the book) and Sara are invited to a reception for Arjun at a hotel. The book reveals many people to the story of Arjun from Jersey. It is said that Arjun was selected in the Indian team after the Ranji Trophy final. Nani is given a gift, which he knows is the Indian jersey he asked his father 23 years ago. It is later revealed that Arjun died in hospital 2 days after the final of the race. Giving a speech at the ceremony, Nani said that Arjun has a heart disease called Arrhythmia, which causes the heartbeat to become irregular ….. Arjun comes to know when he is 26 years old Was and he never told this thing to everyone and that was the real reason why he left cricket 10 years ago.

Nani says that what makes his father different from others is his dedication and hard work, even if they know the consequences. The film ends with Nani saying, “He is my father.”

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Movie Review

To tell Jersey just the story of a former cricketer Arjun (Nani), who fights traditions to be selected in the Indian cricket team, is a grave injustice to the film, no matter how it happens. It is also the story of the love of his life Sara (Shraddha Srinath), who struggles to stay in love with the man he has become. This is the story of assistant coach Murthy (Satyaraj) who clings to an orphan even at his most irrational best, in the hope that he will someday help him achieve his dream. But, most importantly, it is the story of a father who is so enamored with his son Nani (Ronit Kamra) that he will do anything to be less in his eyes and he will get the birthday gift that He always wanted to.

Despite the many threads and three different time frames that connect with Arjuna, Gautam Tinanuri does not put them all in one mess. Arjun is an ex-Ranji player, the best right-handed batsman of his time, and an arrogant man who unfortunately has come into the fray from reality soon. Sarah is the love of her life who marries her against her father’s will and now struggles to be in love with who she is. The once-loving couple now seem to be constantly ending the war, but the sparkle in their lives is their son Nani (Ronit Kamra), who brings a refreshing innocence to an otherwise innocent story. And then there is Murthy, an assistant coach who pushes Arjun to maximize his potential, even when the latter refuses.

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Jersey is a beautifully told story in which Nani watches her career best with ease. If he is as good as an arrogant batsman who knows him as talented. Then he is doubly good because the person who constantly pits from life but does not give up. The actor trained and practiced cricket during the shooting of the film. And this is shown in scenes in which he picks up the cricketers’ body language with ease. At one point in the film, Nani ceases to exist and it is only the cricketer Arjun, whom you see, who rests comfortably in his room on the field. He realizes how well he performed especially through key scenes, without having to utter a word.

While Nani also shines in scenes that require her to play cricket. The scenes between her and her son are about to steal your heart. Ronit Kamra showed his performance as a seven-year-old son who sees his father as nothing less than a superhero. The scenes between them not only enhance love but also provide sensible humor that keeps the film serious. Shraddha Srinath made an impressive Telugu film debut. As a woman who is head-over-heels in love with her husband, but still not someone who agrees with her carelessness. Satyaraj continued to portray Arjuna as his need through his role.

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While Gautam Tinnanuri really takes the cake with his brilliant screenplay and narration. Sanu Varghese’s cinematography and Anirudh Ravichander’s music just tries his best to revive the film. Naveen Nulli also does a good job of editing with the film. Despite it being long and in the dock for a long time does not sound like a cricket documentary.

If you are an ardent fan of cricket, check it out this weekend, as you will be sitting on the edge of your seat during the sports scenes. Check it out for Nani and the rest of the cast. Who will make you fall in love with their characters by the time the end credits roll. But especially for Gautam Tinnanuri see it once, it is not for every day that a director pulls off such a play drama easily. The jersey will make you laugh, cry and cheer loudly.

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