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Ratsanan hindi dubbed Full movie |Main Hoon Dandadhikari Hindi Dubbed Movie

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Ratsanan Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Ratsasan hindi dubbed movie | Now Released:-

Main Hoon Dandadhikari (Ratsasan) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Now Released On Television: Here’s a special update on southmovieking, the Hindi dubbed version of the much-awaited South Indian Tamil-language film Ratsana, which is now released on television. Ratnasen Tamil superhit Kriti thriller film in 2018 featuring Vishnu Vishal and Amala Paul in lead roles. The film was directed by Ram Kumar and was a huge blockbuster at the box office with extremely positive reviews from critics and audiences. The film was later remade in Telugu as Rakshasudu starring Belamkonda Srinivas in the lead role. Also, the conversation is in full flow for the Hindi remake. However, the North Indian audience was excited and waiting impatiently. And now the wait is finally over. If You want the news of movie link You can Join OurĀ Telegram ChannelĀ South Movie King. The Movie is ready in our telegram group both in Hindi and Tamil language. If you want the movie then you can join the group our Poke me in WhatsApp. I will try to help you out.

T-series bought the hindi dubbing rights of Ratrasen. Censor certification took place about 5 months ago. The Hindi dubbed version was titled ‘Main Hoon Dandhari’. Tonight, the Hindi dubbed version of Raabatasan aired on Star Utsav Movies at 9:00 pm on 30 December 2019. There was no awareness among the Hindi audience, and so most of us missed the television premiere. Hopefully, the film will air again on Star Gold as most of the film-watching viewers do not watch Star Utsav Movie. In addition, we can expect a YouTube release of Main Hoon Dandadhikari soon on a digital release on the T-series YouTube channel or Hotstar. Once the film is released online, you can watch the entire film online for free or download it offline on reputable platforms.


Plot in Summary

Arun is the creator of an expectation that is moving between different manufacturers to make an in-depth inquiry about the psycho-spine chiller material in one motion picture but the mention of one explanation or the other. His mother forces him to join the work of police SI due to sharing sympathy of his deceased father. Fifteen-year-old young women are killed in the most dangerous way when he connects with the obligation and she applies her film to understand that a hypocritical executioner is on the loose.

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His own unmatched officer did not accept his views and supported his every move. Meanwhile, Arun gets an opportunity to fall for Vij, a teacher who is accompanied by a quiet young man. As Arun jumps, he gets into the habit of assaulting himself in his own house and whether he reforms the obscure killer, who inexplicably crosses the hurdle of the police, also frames the remaining part of the screenplay.

Movie Review

At the beginning of Ratsasana, we see a murder. A mysterious assailant walks towards a tied woman and kills her with his ax. Before we can feel the shock, we get to see that it is actually a film shoot. And the very next moment, we also get to know that this is a dream – Arun Kumar (Vishnu Vishal, effective), an aspiring filmmaker. Arun wants to make a film on a serial killer, but faces rejection at every step. These scenes suggest that director Ram Kumar may have to face this script in real life. But for Arun, the pressure of his family forces him to become a cop. His late father was a policeman and with an uncle (Ramdas) in the police department, it was not too difficult for him.

And then the plot gets murdered. A girl is murdered in a gruesome way and Arun realizes that it can be related to the previous case. Any research he did for the script of his film makes him realize that it could be the work of a serial killer and hardly a clue. Soon, other murders occur, one of which is personal damage, which only increases his resolve to capture the killer.

  Ratanson is a capable thriller, for the most part. There is a spin of storytelling, especially the interval block, which keeps us hooked. Even the indispensable romance – Amala Paul plays the role of a teacher. Whom Arun has churned out – is quickly wrapped up with some scenes. Not only this, Arun has a background investigation in the short romantic song as well.

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  The narrative falters in the second half, when a personal damage threatens to lead the film to melodrama that does not fit this material. But Ram Kumar manages to avoid that loss. But he indulges towards the end, portraying the final act involving the murderer to wrap things up rather quickly, making the revelation. The backstory is both familiar and unique, but the character of an arrogant superior officer is grating.

Said that when it comes to violence, the directors do not back down. And instead of the gore scene, he uses editing and music to make us feel violence. The creepy, almost wall-to-wall score by Ghibran and the tight editing by San Lokesh really increase the tension and give an edge seat vibe to the proceedings.

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