Saakshyam Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Pralay The Destroyer (Saakshayam) In Hindi

Mard Ka Inteqam (Pralay The Destroyer) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Saakshayam | Bellamkonda Srinivas Mard Ka Inteqam Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Latest Updates: Here we have some latest updates. Hindi dubbed version of Bellamkonda Srinivas and Pooja Hegde starer Telugu movie Saakshyam. Which was titled in Hindi as Pralay The Destroyer. The movie […]

Mard Ka Inteqam (Pralay The Destroyer) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Saakshayam | Bellamkonda Srinivas

Mard Ka Inteqam Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Latest Updates: Here we have some latest updates. Hindi dubbed version of Bellamkonda Srinivas and Pooja Hegde starer Telugu movie Saakshyam. Which was titled in Hindi as Pralay The Destroyer. The movie was directed by Sriwaas and was an average performer at the box office, with mixed reviews from critics and audiences. But this doesn’t matter for our Hindi audience they are all eagerly waiting for the Hindi dubbed version.

So the story is quite long, firstly the Hindi dubbing rights of Saakshyam were sold out to Astral Movies Network. About a year ago, They released the Hindi teaser of Saakshyam and titled as Pralay The Destroyer. However, the Hindi dubbing rights of the movie were resold to SN Media.

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  • Bellamkonda Sreenivas as Viswa, a video game developer and designer
  • Pooja Hegde as Soundarya Lahari, a woman who teaches Hinduism and culture
  • Sarath Kumar as Raju Garu, Viswa’s father who dies in the hands of Munuswamy and his brothers
  • Meena as Viswa’s mother who gets injured and ties her son to a calf
  • Jagapathi Babu as Munuswamy, the man who killed the calf’s mother
  • Ravi Kishan as Munuswamy’s 1st brother
  • Ashutosh Rana as Munuswamy’s 2nd brother
  • Madhu Guruswamy as Munuswamy’s 3rd brother
  • Kabir Duhan Singh as Viswa’s business rival
  • Jayaprakash as Siva Prasad, Viswa’s adopted father who takes care of Viswa
  • Pavithra Lokesh as Viswa’s adopted mother who takes care of Viswa
  • Vennela Kishore as Viswa’s friend who helps him get Soundarya to help them with their video game
  • Rao Ramesh as Tagore, Soundarya’s father whom Soundarya was planning to visit in India
  • Posani Krishna Murali as Defense Lawyer
  • Sameer as Raju Garu’s brother
  • Jhansi as Soundarya’s sister whom Viswa and his friend helped to get a job
  • Brahmaji as Soundarya’s brother-in-law whom Viswa and his friend helped to get a job
  • Krishna Bhagavaan as Soundarya’s Paternal uncle
  • Hema as Soundarya’s aunt
  • Annapoorna as Soundarya’s grandmother
  • Raghu Babu as Siva Prasad’s assistant
  • Y. Kasi Viswanath as Advocate Murthy
  • Ananta Sriram as Valmiki, a game designer (cameo appearance)
  • Sri Pusapati as Sri, a Cognos Developer (cameo appearance)

Movie Plot

The film begins with a group of people when they forcefully lift a cow and its calf. The scene shifts to the house of Raju Garu (Sarath Kumar), where the family has gathered for his son’s naming ceremony. Just then, a group of people come there with the calf and inform them that the Munuswami (Jagapathi Babu) brothers have kidnapped the mother of the calf (who belongs to the temple) along with several other cows. As a result, Raju thrashes Garu Munswamy and brings back the cows.

The news of his brothers’ insult reaches Munuswamy. While he and his three brothers (Ravi Kishan, Ashutosh Rana, Madhu Guruswamy) go to Raju Garu’s house, where the festival is going on. So They brutally kill every member of the family except Raju Garu’s wife (Meena), who gets injured. Raju manages to distract the Garu brothers, while his wife runs away with the child, but he becomes weak and is unable to continue due to his deep injury.

Then the calf (whose mother Raju Garu survived) arrives and stands in front of him. Raju Garu’s wife takes this as a sign, wraps the child in a shawl, and ties it on the calf. The villains arrive in time to see the calf running away, and ensure a chase. The calf manages to escape the villain and unload the child on a truck carrying mud. The villain sees the child falling under the rock and considers him dead. To hide his crime, he set fire to the cowshed, as cows bear witness to the murders.

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The story then goes into a narrative where the narrator states that even though Munuswamy is happy that he has destroyed every witness for his crime, he has forgotten that the five elements of nature that exist everywhere saw his crimes. Is and will surely avenge him for his atrocities.

Meanwhile, the child is taken to an earthen mine, where the truck submerges him with mud. A passerby sees the child, takes her to Kasi, and leaves her there. A childless couple, Shiva Prasad (Jayaprakash) and his wife (Pavitra Lokesh), pray for a child and are overwhelmed to see her. The couple then leaves for the USA with the child.

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20 years later, Shiva Prasad and his wife are shown celebrating the success of their company. A reporter asks about his son Vishwa, who will occupy the multi-billion dollar empire, but Shiv Prasad says that Vishwa is not interested in handling the business because he is interested in developing sports. Visva (Belamkonda Srinivas) and his friends are introduced. They are in the process of developing a new video game, which they are sending to a company to deliver. Unfortunately, his video gets rejected due to lack of culture factor. Vishwa and his friend walk as a girl named Soundarya Lahiri. Who lectures on Hinduism and culture in the temple. Viswa smiles immediately, so he and his friends follow him to seek help to develop the game with culture elements.

However, Sounderia is angered by his offer of money and flatly states that culture is not to be sold. As Vishwa and his friends help Sounderia’s sister. And brother-in-law secure the jobs using their influence. As soon causing Sounderia to reluctantly agree to help Vishwa. While He introduces the group to Valmiki (Anant Shriram). Who helps give them a unique idea for a game that resembles the life story of the world.Firstly About a boy whose entire family was killed by a villain Was and boy to avenge the villain through the five elements of nature.

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Meanwhile, Soundarya moves to India to see her father Tagore (Rao Ramesh), who was disqualified to fight against him in court by Munuswamy’s gang. Meanwhile Visva takes her to India and starts developing video games there. He was shocked when he came to know of the story of the video game in his real life. He tries his best to stop it, but in vain. In addition, Soundarya confesses Vishwa’s love for his efforts to save her and agrees to marry her. Finally, the nature elements avenge all the villains through Visva.

Movie Review

Critic’s Rating: 3/5

Indian cinema is not new to films made with a supernatural theme or films about karma. But Sriwass’ latest potboiler Saakshyam is perhaps the first film in history of Indian cinema.Where the protagonist’s role is almost irrelevant in a revenge drama. The entire revenge tale is scripted by nature and the rest of the characters are merely pawns. This is neither a family entertainer nor a romantic love story. It’s not even a supernatural thriller. Since Saakshyam is more about a filmmaker clumsily presenting his beliefs to the audience and stretching it to nearly three hours — a real test of patience and endurance.

For a film that keeps harping on about fate and destiny, the only thing on the minds of the audience while watching Saakshyam is to take control of their own destiny and head towards the exit door.

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