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Ninnu Kori Hindi Dubbed Movie

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Ninnu Kori is Telugu Romantic-Drama Flim. Debutant Shiva Nirvana has directed the film. DVV Danayya had produced the film under DVV Entertainments.  Nani and Nivetha Thomas play the lead roles in the movie while Aadhi Pinisetty plays a pivotal role. Ninnu Kori is set to be dubbed in Hindi by Aditya Movies.

Gopi Sunder had Composed the Music and Background Score for the film. It was His collaboration with Nani. Nani is well Known as Natural Star. This name came in real as He works So well that Natural Star Name Came in everyone’s Mouth.

Movie Rating

Ninnu Kori Movie was declared as hit at the box-office. With mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Nani is one of the Best and underrated actor in Telugu Cinema. Nani is well Known as Natural Star. He did a very good job in this movie too. Ninnu Kori is a decent love story with brilliant performances and a tear-jerky climax. The IMDb rating of Ninnu Kori is 7.6/10. 

Ninnu Kori Hindi Dubbed Update

The Hindi dubbing rights of Ninnu Kori was sold to Aditya Movies. Ninnu Kori movie was released on 7 July 2017 in the Telugu Language. Soon after Telugu Release, Hindi dubbing rights of Ninnu Kori is bought by Aditya Movies. Hindi dubbing of Ninnu Kori is 100% completed. So we are clear enough that The movie world television premiere will be soon on Sony max or UTV movies.

As we know that Aditya Movies don’t release the film soon after the dubbing completes. Which makes chances that we will get to see the film in Hindi very soon. The dates are not specified yet. But Ninnu Kori will be premiered in Hindi. Then the movie will be uploaded on YouTube on the Aaditya movies YouTube channel.

About Movie Update

Dear Friends, Since I am not allowed to give links to the movie. I am very much to disappoint you. But I can help you out with the problem. Join our telegram channel I will provide everything there. The Movie is ready in our telegram group in both Telugu and Hindi language. If you want the movie then you can join the group our Poke me in WhatsApp. I will try to help you out.

Ninnu Kori Movie Cast

Movie Plot

Uma is a Ph.D. student in Vizag who falls in love with Pallavi. As time passes, Pallavi also accepts Uma’s love and decides to marry each other as a mature couple when Uma settles into her career. But the twist in the story comes when Pallavi’s father suddenly decides Pallavi’s marriage with Arun (etc.). With no choice, both Uma and Pallavi are forced to break up and Pallavi marries Arun. In the present day, Pallavi realizes that Uma is unable to forget her and becomes an alcoholic. To change her, she invites him to stay in her house and enjoy a blissful life.

Movie Review

Plus Point

1) Performance: With every film of hers, Nani is growing by leaps and bounds. Ninnu Kori, showing the natural stars in full vigor, said that he gives a settled performance. He is full of fun as a loving boy and provokes euphoric feelings during the second half. You get to see another side of Nani who, unlike her earlier films, riddles you badly, especially in the second half. Nivetha Thomas also gives a great performance as Pallavi. His chemistry with Nani is quite good and gives super depth. Action. Adi is also good in his supporting role. He has equal importance in the film and shows amazing maturity throughout the film.

2) Climax: The highlight of the film is when Aadhi Pinishetty breaks into a climax. The final scenes are handled in a mature manner by the new director Shiva Nirvana. Avi’s talk could have been more refreshing.

3) Music: Music enhances the narration and goes with the flow of visuals. Tracks like ‘Adiga Adiga’ and ‘Annatunundi Gunde and Kottukunde’ will remain with you.

4) Direction: Director Shiva is coming for Nirvana, he makes an impressive debut. The way he handled the emotions throughout the film is quite interesting. His screenplay may be cliche but he is still impressed by his sensible direction.

Minus point

1) Clichéd Plot: “Ninnu Kori” is not a triangular love story, though it revolves around three characters – a woman and two people who are very old themselves. In fact, the first half is very cliché.

So, Ninnu Kori is a decent love story with great performances and a tear-jerking climax.

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