Pantham Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

About Film Pantham is a Telugu Action Film. K. Chakravarthy Reddy has directed as well as written the story of the film. He has done screenplay in some Action movies like Balupu, Power, and Jai Lava Kusa. The Music of the film is composed by Gopi Sundar. Starring Gopichand and Mehreen Pirzada are in the lead roles. […]

Pantham Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

About Film

Pantham is a Telugu Action Film. K. Chakravarthy Reddy has directed as well as written the story of the film. He has done screenplay in some Action movies like Balupu, Power, and Jai Lava Kusa. The Music of the film is composed by Gopi Sundar. Starring Gopichand and Mehreen Pirzada are in the lead roles. Now the film is set to be dubbed in Hindi.

Movie Rating

Pantham Movie was declared as hit at the box-office. With mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Vikranth is a vigilante who has targeted ‘Nayak Bhai’ and his money. Who is Vikranth and what is his beef with Nayak forms the crux of the story. The IMDb rating of Pantham is 6.4/10.

Movie Dubbing Updates

The dubbing rights of the film Pantham were sold to Shemaroo Entertainment Limited. Yes, that’s true this time Dubbing right is not with Goldmines or Zee Cinema. As per our Sources, the dubbing of the film is completed in their own dubbing studio but censor certification is not yet completed. The movie will be soon released in Hindi. Firstly the movie might be premiered in their Shemaroo app, Later the movie will be uploaded in their youtube channel Shemaroo Movies. From where you can Watch or Download Respectively. Keep Following our site for more Updates on south Movie.

About Movie Update

The movie will be Premiered on Sony Maxx on 05 September at 8 PM. if anyone misses the film. then I can help you all. follow our telegram channel South Movie King I will provide everything there. If you want the movie information then you can join the group our Poke me in WhatsApp. I will try to help you out.

Movie Cast

The Movie will be Available Soon

Movie Plot

The protagonist is a vigilante who taps the phone of a medical mafia king named Amith Rajvi and listens to a conversation as per which a man named Nayak Bhai orders him to send money in a goods train. The protagonist’s sidekick Satti stops a tractor at a railway crossing, causing the train to stop and the protagonist to enter the compartment containing the money where he fights off the guards and decouples it before the train reaches the next station. Later, a partially deaf CBI officer instantly cracks the case. The protagonist helps a rich woman in winning a horse betting race and later steals money from her safe in her absence.

The home minister Jayendra is revealed to be Nayak Bhai who’s frustrated at his money getting stolen and orders the killing of both Rajvi and the woman. Again, the CBI officer cracks the second case and hands over the evidence to Nayak who then attacks a lot of people out of suspicion. The health minister sends him the protagonist’s photo which is forwarded to all his goons over the city, and the protagonist is brought to the goons by a cab driver who turns out to be Nayak’s henchman. A fight ensues, resulting in a conversation in which Nayak recruits the protagonist to help him catch the robber, as per the health minister’s suggestion who was impressed by how neatly the protagonist and Satti had stolen his cars earlier.

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The protagonist and Nayak’s men then are sent for a safe money transfer. With the help of three men, the protagonist tricks the goons into giving them the money but due to a tracker kept inside the currency bag, the three men are captured and beaten up. The protagonist reveals himself as the real robber and fights off all the goons. The protagonist’s girlfriend Akshara and an old man named Tilak are kidnapped and brought to Nayak. Tilak then reveals the protagonist is Vikranth Surana, the son of a London-based businessman Anand Surana.

Vikranth loved his mother Durgadevi but his father despised her social service as it didn’t yield enough money. They all had to go to London since Anand wanted to expand his business, where Durgadevi died. Tilak is the owner of Durgadevi charitable trust and invited Anand for the trust’s 25th-anniversary celebrations, but Vikranth came instead for the celebrations and became disillusioned by the plight of several bomb blast victims who were promised ex-gratia by the home minister Jayendra and the health minister, to whom Vikrath had also anonymously sent a cheque of 1 crore rupees. Vikranth then decided to help the people after knowing about their plight and proceeded to resign from his post at his father’s company.

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Back to the present, Vikranth brings reporters at Nayak’s house and makes him pay 5 crore rupees as ex-gratia. Later, Vikranth creates a fake bomb alert outside a court where he surrenders after opening a truck full of money stolen from corrupt ministers. Following his arrest, his father arrives to meet him and has a change of heart when he sees so many people supporting Vikranth who decides to fight his case himself. An enraged Nayak sends prisoners to kill Vikranth at night, but he manages to fight them off and the next day in the court, presents all the evidence against Nayak and other ministers.

He even brings Rajvi and the Nayak’s female client as witnesses who reveal that Vikranth saved them. Vikranth also presents footage of Nayak threatening them but the opposing lawyer presents a doctored version of the footage and levies false charges not just on Vikranth and his father but also on the Durgadevi charitable trust. The judge orders a CBI inquiry on the trust, which is carried out by the same officer hired by Nayak earlier. He testifies against Nayak and also states that due to being partially deaf, he had to record Nayak’s conversations which now stand as evidence against him. Further, Vikranth cites the Whistle Blowers Protection Act, 2011 as his defense and suggests the government to digitally transfer ex-gratia to victims. The court sentences all the perpetrators and orders the government to disperse ex-gratia via the digital transfer method.

 Language:Telugu Movie Dubbed in Hindi
 Cast:Gopichand and Mehreen Pirzada
 Hindi Dubbed version:Hindi dubbed version releasing soon
 Director:K. Chakravarthy Reddy
 Music:Gopi Sundar
 Genre:Action film

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