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Premam 2 Hindi Dubbed Movie | Idhu Namma Aalu

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Idhu Namma Aalu is a Tamil Romantic-Drama Film. Pandiraj has directed as well as written the film. T. Rajendar, Usha Rajendar has produced the film. Kuralarasan has Composed the music of the film. SilambarasanNayantara and Andrea Jeremiah in the lead roles in the film, while Soori and Jayaprakash portray supporting roles. The film was later dubbed in Telugu as Sarasudu in 2017. Now The Film is set to be dubbed in Hindi as Premam 2 by Goldmines Telefilms.

Movie Rating

Idhu Namma Aalu Movie was declared Average at the box-office. With mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The story revolves around An eternal romantic falls in love with the girl his father has decided to get him married to, but will his past love affair prove to be a problem? The IMDb rating of Idhu Namma Aalu is 5.2/10.

Movie Dubbing Updates

The Hindi dubbing rights of Idhu Namma Aalu was sold Goldmines Telefilms as Premam 2. The dubbing of the film has been completed recently. Goldmines have released Hindi dubbed trailer of Premam 2 on youtube. Now there is another Update the movie will be premiered on 16 March 2020. Firstly the movie will be in premiere on Television on Set Maxx. On the same day, the film will on Youtube at 11 pm from where you will be able to watch and download in Respected Website.

About Movie Update

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Movie Cast

Movie Plot

Shiva is an IT engineer with Vasu as his driver and collaborator. She goes to the scene to propose marriage and immediately likes him. Mayela wants to talk to him privately and asks him about his ex-girlfriend Priya. Shiva confesses his old love for her. He then leaves the house thinking that the marriage will not take place, but Mayla accepts the marriage proposal. Later, they start speaking on the phone, and Siva tells his old love story and how they broke up.

Mayella starts loving Shiva deeply and examines him initially, and later they are a loving couple. One day both their parents fight over a trivial issue, and the marriage is annulled. Mayla attempts suicide because she does not want to leave Shiva but is saved by her father. Mayla and Shiva remarry and marry. As the story progresses, they are made to marry three times. In the end, they have a child and live happily when the film ends.

Movie Review

The biggest strength of Idhu Namma Lalu is its chief – Simbu, and Nayanthara. This is canny stunt casting and is one of the few things that director Pandiraj achieved in this film. The audience knows that they share a history, and Pandiraj uses this fact and tries to spin a romance around it. The actor plays Siva (Simbu) and Mayla (Nayantara), who grew up in a small town but have moved to Chennai for work. Siva’s father (Jayaprakash) arranges for her to marry Mayla, and he also falls in love when he sees her. But Mayla knows that she was once in a relationship with her friend Priya (Andrea, whose only cue seems to be: keep smiling). Will it reject him?

The problem with Idhu Namma Lalu is that Pandiraj is so content with his leadership that he fails to make a compelling story with him. Every moment feels drawn beyond its reception, and there are many scenes where we can understand that the director is trying very hard to make them cute (Simbu calling his father a ‘friend’, the loving couple to each other Says Kattima and Ammu, which starts (after a point) and every time a character dials someone, a dialer screen pops up on the edge of the screen! Scene and dialog after scene After we keep reminding us that we see Simbu and Nayantara on-screen citing their one-time relationship, and Simbu’s strangeness – his Playboy image, his inclination towards controversies, and even his Ajith’s Pooja. After a point, we stop seeing her as Shiva and Mayla and therefore never care about the characters.

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Of course, this approach sometimes works. Pandiraj can still write engaging dialogues, and his one-liners for Soori are breaking us now and then. He has been taking a long time to make this smart film so that the film gets started using the lines and lyrics of recent films like Theri and Vedalam in the background. And Simbu, too, lets everyone dig into his real life and tries to get things done. But is this enough?

In the end a sudden conflict ensues so that the film reaches its climax and it is also bad enough for a film that is so drunken that we can only minimize the lack of imagination. Once considered a new-found director, Pandiraj has transformed into a filmmaker who wants the audience to love his film so much that he can easily give it what he wants, Even if he does something that is regular. But what is worrying is whether he will be able to change track or has he gone too far?

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