Rakshasudu Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Dubbing Rights Sold Out

Rakshasudu Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Latest Updates: The Hindi dubbing rights of the 2019 Telugu Pshyco-Thriller film Rakshasudu have now been sold. Rakkhasudu is an official Telugu remake of a masterpiece Tamil blockbuster Ratasasan. Rakshasudu stars Belamkonda Sai Srinivas and Anupama Parameswaran in the lead roles. It was Big Blockbuster Movie. Directed By Ramesh […]

Rakshasudu hindi dubbed

Rakshasudu Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Latest Updates: The Hindi dubbing rights of the 2019 Telugu Pshyco-Thriller film Rakshasudu have now been sold. Rakkhasudu is an official Telugu remake of a masterpiece Tamil blockbuster Ratasasan. Rakshasudu stars Belamkonda Sai Srinivas and Anupama Parameswaran in the lead roles. It was Big Blockbuster Movie. Directed By Ramesh Verma. Resulting in back to back flops and a comeback film for Belakonda Srinivas after disasters. The film is literally a carbon-copy of Ratsasana. Which also includes supporting actors who portrayed the same character in Ratsasana.

Belamkonda Srinivas has a very large Hindi, awaiting the dubbed version of Rakshasudu. So, now finally Adwise Media Digital Bought Hindi Dubbing Rights of Rakshasudu Movie. But the main thing is that the Hindi dubbing process has not started yet. Given the previous YouTube releases of some Srinivas movies. It is expected that Rakshasudu will perform similarly on YouTube. So, as soon as we get another update, we will update it on this page.

However, the original Tamil version ‘Ratsasan’ Hindi dubbing is now 100% completed. So it is expected that Ratsasan will release in Hindi before Rakshasudu.


  • Bellamkonda Sreenivas as Arun
  • Anupama Parameswaran as Krishnaveni
  • Saravanan as Christopher & Mary Fernandez/Annabella George (Dual Role)
  • Yasar as Young Christopher
  • Abhirami as Siri, Arun’s niece
  • Baby Dua as Kavya, Krishnaveni’s niece
  • Rajeev Kanakala as Prasad, Siri’s father and Arun’s brother-in-law
  • Vinodhini as Padma, Siri’s mother and Arun’s sister
  • Keshav Deepak as Venkat
  • Vinod Sagar as School Teacher Sobharaj
  • Suzane George as ACP Lakshmi
  • Surya as Doctor Kishore
  • Kasi Viswanath as Police Constable Viswanath
  • Ravi Prakash as Police Officer Sravan
  • Raghavi Renu as Sophie, Christopher’s friend
  • Raveena Daha as Sharmi, Siri’s classmate
  • Trishala as Sanjana & Sangeetha (Dual Role)
  • Priya as Meera
  • Radha Ravi as Inspector Jaya Prakash

Movie Plot

The film opens with the corpse of two old men. Who was a teenage school girl named Samyukta. A 15-year-old school student who was brutally murdered and wrapped in a polythene bag.

Arun Kumar is an aspiring filmmaker who wants to make a film on psychiatry. Despite being rejected a number of times despite having a good script and pressure from his family. He decides to give up his dreams and becomes a sub-inspector with the help of his brother-in-law, Prasad the police Officer self. He moves in with his sister Sapna (Vinodini Vaidyanathan), Prasad, and his daughter Siri (Abhiram).

Siri gets into trouble when she gives her father’s signature in her report card to Arun as she failed in two subjects. His class teacher Krishnaveeni (Anupama Parameswaran) discovers this and thinks that he signed it himself. Siri brings Arun to his school to act as his father. Later, Joe Siri is caught by his parents, this causes him to transfer his daughter to another school. Later, Arun meets Krishnaveeni and his niece Kavya (Dua Kaushik), who is speechless.

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A teenage school girl named Amrita is kidnapped on her way back home. His parents found a bunch doll’s head in a gift box attached to his dog’s collar. Arun kills Samyukta a few days ago, and Amrita is killed. Both are 15-year-old students of the school who were abducted while returning home from school. Like Samyukta, the doll’s forehead hair is uprooted, eyes are dry and her mouth is damaged. Also, in particular, Samyukta has knife marks on the forehead, ears, and nose. The same marks were found on the doll’s face. He tries to convince ACP Lakshmi to his superior egotistical officer that it was a psycho at work, but his theories are shown to be fake stories.

Later, Amrita’s corpse was brutally killed. The killer dropped Amrita’s eyes, broke her teeth and uprooted her hair in a patch. On top of this, Amrita’s body was cut with a knife while she was alive. Arun suggests that the corpses be hidden from the public to prevent the killer from attracting public attention. Initially, the authorities opposed the idea because of breaking the protocol, but they eventually give in to DRS. Transferring bodies to a secret facility under Kishore (Surya).

Soon after, another student named Meera (Priya) is kidnapped. She came from pre-school in Siri. The discovery reveals a teacher named Somraj. Who works at Siri’s current school and reveals her to be a pedophile in front of schoolgirls. Arun tries to seduce Sarraj from Somraj and thrashes him before taking him into custody. Somaraj accepts as a sexual predator but denies having anything to do with the murders. To escape, he hires a policeman Venkat at gunpoint. Arun shoots Somaraj inside the elevator which Venkata survives.

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Meanwhile, Siri is kidnapped during a birthday party at the house. Arun and Prasad tried to find her, but they were too late. Arun landed his mutilated body in the trunk of his own car. Which made him feel that he was also killed. Meanwhile, things get worse for Arun. As he gets suspended for negligence in shooting for Somraj. Removed and enraged, Arun investigated the case himself with the help of some policemen. Finding an audio clip from Meera’s hearing aid. He takes her back to an old female magician named Annabella George. Who performs at the victim’s school function. The woman used her magic show as a tool to kidnap the girls. As she impressed all the students with her magic tricks. She invites a student to do a task and then interacts with the selected student and moves closer to them.

Then, he started visiting the selected student without any trouble. Soon after his abduction on the second day. This leads her to the next possible victim. A student named Sanjana (Trishala). Arun realized that he was chasing the wrong girl due to Sanjana’s twin sister. Sanjana was kidnapped even though she was under surveillance. Arun makes his hideout in a house in the city. Where he saves Sanjana from being killed. The culprit survives, but her identity is revealed as Mary Fernandez. Who was involved in a murder a long time ago. Arun obtained more information about the case from the investigating officer. Jai Prakash, (Radha Ravi), a retired policeman.

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Mary’s son Christopher (Yasser) suffered from Werner syndrome, a hormonal disorder that made him look older. He was an outcast at school. But a girl named Sophie took pity on him and befriended him. Christopher soon begins to develop feelings for Sophie, but unfortunately. When she turns down his love, her heartbreaks. And she is soon made fun of at school. The next day, Mary tells Sophie to be friends again and gives her a present. When Sophie opened the gift box, she found the head of a mutilated doll that Sophie had given Christopher as her birthday present. Sophie was brutally murdered by Mary and both Mary and her son were arrested.

Movie Review

After a string of rather a forgettable fare, it seems as if Belamkonda Srinivas has finally found his groove and is definitely in his element in his latest thriller Rakshashudu. A remake of the Tamil flick Ratasana, Rakshasudu is truly a thriller and keeps the audience guessing all the time.

The film revolves around Arun. Firstly Who follows a mysterious serial killer who targets and murders young girls. After a series of murders. Arun confirms that this is being done by a psychiatrist with the antisocial disorder. The killer continues his espionage, but Arun is not in the mood to stop his search.

Hence, Grabbing the core, Rakshashudu places the audience on the edge of their seats. So The screenplay is spot on and adds to the plot of the film and ensures the suspense is effective. There are a lot of twists and turns and by the very end, you won’t know who the killer is, and that’s what Rakshasudu works about. Director Ramesh Verma survives the temptation of neverending.

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Instead, he keeps things simple and makes an impact.
With a runtime of around two-and-a-half hours. The film could have been trimmed a bit. But at any stage, you don’t feel bored as a viewer and if anything, it’s just a minor aberration.

Belmakonda does a good job as the officer on the hunt to find the mysterious killer and puts in one of the best performances ever. What was refreshing to see was the fact that the leading lady was not reduced to an eye-candy role. But someone who plays an important role in the narrative and Anupama Parameswaran does an honest job of it. The supporting cast including Rajiv Kanakala is first-rate.

When Ramesh Verma decided to remake a thriller like Ratson, it had high expectations, but the director hit Mark through this film. While thrillers risk being too predictable, Rakshasutra keeps you guessing all the time and as a viewer, you feel every minute of the film. While watching a thriller, you can’t ask for anything else.

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