Rangasthalam Full Movie Dubbed in Hindi

About Film Rangasthalam is a Telugu Period action-Drama film. Sukumar has directed as well as written the film.Y. Naveen, Y. Ravi Shankar and C. V. Mohan have produced the film under their Mythri Movie Makers. Devi Sri Prasad has composed the music score of the film. The film was later dubbed into various South Indian […]

Rangasthalam hindi dubbed full movie

About Film

Rangasthalam is a Telugu Period action-Drama film. Sukumar has directed as well as written the film.Y. Naveen, Y. Ravi Shankar and C. V. Mohan have produced the film under their Mythri Movie Makers. Devi Sri Prasad has composed the music score of the film. The film was later dubbed into various South Indian languages. Seeing the success of the Telugu version of Rangasthalam. Ram Charan and Samantha Akkineni in the lead roles in the film, While  Jagapati BabuNareshPrakash RajAadhi Pinisetty, and Anasuya Bharadwaj in key supporting roles. Now the Movie Rangasthalam movie is set to be dubbed in Hindi.

Movie Rating

Rangasthalam Movie is declared Blockbuster at the box-office. With mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The fear of his elder brother’s death starts to haunt an innocent, hearing impaired guy after they both join forces to overthrow the unlawful 30-year long regime of their village’s president.. The IMDb rating of Rangasthalam is 8.4/10.

Movie Dubbing Updates

Goldmines Telefilms Bought Hindi dubbing rights of Rangasthalam. Before the release of the Telugu version. During the Telugu release of the film. Goldmines itself uploaded the Telugu teaser of Rangasthalam on its Facebook page. Before Rangasthalam was released in the Telugu version on 30 March 2019. North Indian Hindi-speaking fans are very excited for the Hindi dubbed version of the film Ram Charan Teja. Soon After the news came that Goldmines Telefilms has brought the film’s Hindi dubbing rights.

But time passed and fans started waiting for the film Rangasthalam in Hindi. But Goldmines Telefilms did not provide a single update of the Hindi dubbed version. And now it is December 2019. Hindi dubbed version of the film is still not released. And in the name of the update, that’s all we have, during a recent live Facebook chat with his audience, when a fan asked, “Hello Goldmines Telefilms about big movies like, Marsel, Raja the Great and Rangasthalam What’s in it? “, He replied. For this – they will update soon. What can we conclude from this answer? Comment below on this statement.

Rangasthalam’s Hindi dubbing is with Goldmines Telefilms. Since the rumor is being spread by some that the Hindi rights of Rangasthalam have been resold to Pen India. And that’s the reason why they still haven’t released the film. There can be some copyright or legal issues with Goldmines Telefilms for the film. Which may be resolved soon and they may release the film soon. Whenever Hindi dubbing of the film starts or the dubbing is complete. As soon as we get an update, we will update it on this page. Till then stay.

About Movie Update

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Movie Cast

Movie Plot

Chitibbu is a partially deaf, ill-tempered, jeweler of a village called Rangasthalam. He makes a living by filling water in irrigated fields using a motor owned by his friend Kolli Rangamma. Whom he calls aunt. Mahesh assisted her. Chitibabu lives with his parents and sister. While his brother Kumar Babu has left for employment in the Gulf. Chitimbu is in love with Ramalakshmi, A farmer who is initially unaware of her hearing impairment.

Phaindra Bhupathi ruled the local Goverment in rangasathalam. The chairman of the panchayat, an influential, ruthless landlord who abuses the cooperative. Who wrongly encroaches farmers’ lands on the pretext of unpaid loans and high-interest rates. Recovers Kumar Babu, who returned to Rangasthalam, is disappointed with the events. Ramalakshmi’s land has been confiscated by the society for the non-payment of the remaining debt. He and Kumar Babu argue with society. That his mother had repaid the loan before he died. That the money shown in the accounts was inflated. Chitibabu learns from Mahesh that Shishu Naidu. henchman of Bhupathi, insulted former father Koteshwar Rao in front of the villagers for the acts of Kumar Babu. Since Chitibabu takes sarcasm at Ramalakshmi and fights Sheesh Naidu. Chittibabu reconciles with Ramalakshmi. But is arrested on charges of harming the employees of the society.

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Bhupathi refuses to help. Kumar Babu goes to the local MLA Dakshin Murthy. Who arranges Chitimbu’s bail. Kumar Babu signs the nomination for the post of President of Rangasthalam with the support of Dakshina Murthy. Kumar Babu and Chittibabu gain support from the villagers over time. Some of them filing nominations for the position of ward members. However, Rangamma warned Chittibabu that many others, including her husband, were found dead under mysterious circumstances. When they opposed Bhupathi. Chitibbu then realizes that Bhupathi has killed them all. And realizes the danger for Kumar Babu. He takes a bribe from Bhupathi and tries to force the villagers to withdraw his nomination. However, after Kumar threatens to give his life to Babu. Chitibabu changes his mind and returns the money to Bhupathi.

In Raja mundry Kumar Babu went to meet his girlfriend Padma. ware attacked by the group on the outskirts of Rangasthalam. Chittibabu initially manages to save Kumar Babu from death. But later strangled. Bhupathi runs away fearing for his life. But Chitibabu keeps searching for him in the surrounding villages. Meanwhile, President of Rangasthalam was unanimously elected. As the days pass, Chitibabu once sees a group of dancers reciting “Srimannarayana” in devotional hymns dedicated to a deity of the same name. He recalls that Kumar Babu was trying to say something that night. Srimannarayan was repeated by him. It was the name of Dakshin Murthy’s assistant, and Chitibabu rushes to meet Dakshin Murthy for help. However, he fails as he is later injured in an accident in front of his eyes.

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Chitimbu presents a Dakshina idol without even returning to a village. The doctor admits that the South statue cannot be cured. And may suggest euthanasia. Chitimbu protested. He Continued to serve Dakshina for two years. One day, Dakshin Murthy regains consciousness. Two months later, Chittibabu accompanies Ramalakshmi to her place. As they continue to explain privately. Dakshin Murthy asks Chittibabu about Bhupathi. Chitibbu replies that he killed him on the outskirts of Rangasthalam.

Later, Chittibabu revealed that he learned about Dakshin Murthy’s motive to prevent the death of Kumar Murthy. Dakshin Murthy was in relation to Kumar Babu with Padma due to caste differences. Chitimbu says that he waited for two years so that the Dakshina idol could be fully healed. And in this way could feel the pain he suffered while dying. Chitimbu then murders Dakshina Murthy and leaves the building with Ramalakshmi when Padma’s husband arrives.

LanguageTelugu Movie dubbed in hindi
Cast:Ram Charan Teja, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, and Jagapathi Babu
Music:Devi Sri Prasad
GenrePeriod action drama film

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