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Sita Hindi Dubbed Movie | Telugu Movie Dubbed In Hindi Release:– Kajal Aggarwal and Belamkonda Srinivas starrer Movie. Directed by Sita Teja and produced by Gopalakrishna Parachuri, Venkateswara Rao Parachuri, and AK Entertainment is Teja himself. Anoop Ruben is giving music to the film and Sonu Sood is playing a negative role in the film. […]

Sita hindi dubbed Movie

Sita Hindi Dubbed Movie | Telugu Movie Dubbed In Hindi Release:– Kajal Aggarwal and Belamkonda Srinivas starrer Movie. Directed by Sita Teja and produced by Gopalakrishna Parachuri, Venkateswara Rao Parachuri, and AK Entertainment is Teja himself. Anoop Ruben is giving music to the film and Sonu Sood is playing a negative role in the film. Sita hindi dubbed Movie.

The Sita Hindi dubbed film is set to release in cinemas across India on 24 May 2019. The North Indian distribution rights of the film are sold to Panorama Student. And here we have a special update of the Hindi dubbed version.Sita hindi dubbed movie.

Sita’s Hindi dubbing rights are sold to RKD Digital Studios. Yes, RKD Digital again acquired the Hindi dubbing rights to its film. Following the lukewarm response from the audience to the Hindi dubbed version of Belakonda Srinivas’s Hindi dubbed version of Kawacham. Sita hindi dubbed Movie.

Hindi Version Movie will be released 30 Aug at 12 Pm Only on Color Cineplex HD. Hope This Year RKD Duggal Studio Will Bring Lot of Movie. As in 2019, RKD has Given Only Few Movie. Let’s See How 2020 goes. Sita Hindi dubbed Movie.

Sitaram Hindi dubbed version is also available in Telegram


Movie Plot

A four-year-old boy named Raghuram is left in the monastery by a man named Anand Mohan and is promised that Sita will come to take care of him. He vows to Rama that he too will take care of Sita in return.

As the years pass, v. Sita Mahalakshmi, becomes an arrogant, deceitful and arrogant businessman who manipulates people for her business improvement and money. One day she meets MLA Basavaraju, who helps him evacuate a slum from the land he has purchased. Basava, in turn, asks Sita to marry him, to whom she declines. He asks her to be in a live-in relationship for a month, to which she agrees and signs the agreement. After being removed from the slum land, Sita participates with her servants, where Basava asks them for the promise that came to them. Sita rejects the promise and says that she cannot fulfill her wish. By provoking his behavior, Basava is threatening Sita or bribing the authorities to stop the business he is working in and he threatens the man that he asked Sita. To repay the amount immediately.

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During this time, Sita realizes that her father has passed away, and she feels happy as she can get the property worth Rs 5000 crore, which her father had. The lawyer states that his father left only one mangalsutra in his name, and he is surprised to learn that the property is transferred to a person named Ram, who lives in Bhutan. She immediately travels to Bhutan and meets Rama, who is eagerly waiting to meet her.

Ram is very innocent and always remembers his promise that he made to his uncle that he must take care of Sita. And Sita will take care of him. He is a heart child and always wears two watches in which a person shows his heartbeat. And he wants everything to be done according to the times. Sita threatens to give her back her property. And in a helpless situation, she asks Rama to come with her without telling her to the monastery.

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A series of funny incidents occur where Ram tries to be honest, which annoys Sita. The police, tried by Basava, try to arrest Sita in the name of forgery, and she escapes with Ram, her friend Chakram and her PA Roopa. She asks Rama to sign the property papers so that the property will be legally accepted by Rama, and then she can ask him to put it back in her name. Sita asks Ram to marry her, but when he is about to marry her, she asks Rupa to give him a fake call, and she makes a scene in front of Ram that the police are searching for him .

Rama immediately signs the papers to save Sita, and he leaves her in the temple and goes to the bank to withdraw the amount. The police reach him and try to put him in jail, while Ram saves him again. Later, she reaches court to gain bail from Rama, Chakram, Rupa and some localities. After getting bail, her father’s friend and a family legal adviser told Sita that her mother had refused to give her jewelry to hostage her father, who wanted to start a business. Her father’s sister (Ram’s mother) gives her jewelery along with her mangalsutra so that her brother can start a business.

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When Rama’s parents die in an accident, Anand brings Rama to his home, and during this time, his business improves. When Anand’s wife buys jewelery for herself and Sita, Anand shouts at her saying that the business has started because of her sister’s financial support, and therefore the property and her rights belong to Ram. He reveals that Sita can wear jewelery as she is Rama’s wife. This makes Anand’s wife angry and starts torturing Rama. Anand then leaves Rama in the monastery. Hearing this, Sita says that she will repay the amount for the jewels given by Rama’s mother. Meanwhile, Basava’s men attack Rama. Sita tries to save him but is beaten by a goon. Rama fights all the goons, but Basava shoots him, saying that if Sita needs Rama, she must surrender to him.

Sita eventually agrees to him, and when seeing her crying, Ram fights with Basava, who shoots a bullet at Ram. While Sita is taking Ram to the hospital, he requests her to take him to the bank so that he can sign the property papers before he dies and so that Sita can get the property back. However, Sita says that she needs him and not the property. Basava attacks the car driven by Sita, and they both get hurt badly. The monk in the monastery sends one of his disciples to safeguard Ram, As soon he arrives on time with the ambulance.

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After two weeks of the incident, As soon Sita gets conscious and rushes to see Ram. The monk lies to her by saying Ram has died in the accident and accuses her with some incidents regarding how she behaved with Ram. Sita leaves the monastery crying that she is the one who killed Ram. Ram comes to his room in the monastery and then senses that Sita has come and rushes to see her. Sita senses that the monk lied to her as no one in the monastery is aware of the incidents that happened in Hyderabad. Later, she reconciles with Ram, and he marries her. Basava gets shot by his wife, and the movie ends on a happy note where Sita distributes the house papers to the people of slum along with Ram.

Movie Review

Teja’s Sita is a big ball of contradictions that is stuck in a limb causing it to look like a transition between a progressive and a regressive. On the one hand, the director transforms the story of the same old shining his head into the knight of a princess who offers a princess nothing but a knight and a knight whatever, but a match most. On the other hand, there are the same old dialogues about what Magda means and an ending which is by far the safest drama on the Telugu screen. The only good thing is that all of this chaos is packed into such a whimsical plot with beautiful scenes from Sirsa Ray, that thanks to almost all the mess, you won’t mess up until you do. Anoop Rubens’ beautiful background score and lyrics add salt to Nizamena Jale.

Sita is the kind of woman who monitors society, a person who favors career development to build relationships and one who is not afraid to speak words even if it cools her voice. She will go to any length to get what she wants, including making a promise to local MLA Baswa Raju, even though she knows full well that he has held her in return for her help. When she finishes her match, she finds herself in trouble, also for someone who wants to go for any length, even if it means making her life a living hell.

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Waiting for Sita in a monastery in Bhutan is Rama, his Bava who suffered from a painful and humiliating childhood, Since healing and coping with the only way he knew how – to be disciplined and one to boot. To follow the routine. Even if it means tea and butter biscuits in between a court hearing or a road trip.

Sita begins to get out of the refreshment well, the lens and the narrative cannot be judged as to what the titular character is like despite having all around her back fingers. The film seems almost jovial, so Kajal has brought a character like on-screen after a long time, with her performance. But the way the story moves forward, she feels compelled when Sita has to learn a lesson. The way Belamkonda’s character Rama is treated and the way he essays on it is also refreshing, a kind of childlike innocence that is completely normal compared to the normal male lead, in general, Is different.

The fact that his character is a victim of child abuse adds texture to an otherwise story. Unfortunately, despite Sonu Sood’s brilliant performance, his character Basava is a token villain, one who cannot think beyond lust after a female lead. The directors really need to start writing better characters for her. Abhinav Gomtam and Tanikella Bharani perfected what they offered.

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The narrative that begins to ripen in the first half, despite the gaps in parts, takes a turn for the worse situation after the interval, with the cat-and-mouse recurring. And it almost can’t help itself like Teja, but try and elevate Ram’s character by using unnecessary tropes. Each time he does so, he also enhances Sita’s character, trying to balance them by adding lots of unnecessary drama. Payal Rajput’s special number Bulreddy helps either in this case when it comes to a turning point. No matter how much he laughs, the film can also happen without Chevella Ravi’s comedy track.

Despite the often-told storytelling, the way Sita begins, she hopes to play something simple but beautiful on-screen with two characters. But unfortunately, that is not what it turned out to be. Check it out for demonstrations and without too many expectations and you won’t be disappointed.

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